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%%%%%%%%%%%%%% [ VIDEOS ]

Current Abilities

%%%%%%%%%%%%%% [ VERSION HISTORY ]

- Arcane Assassin is found in its expanded version of Sneak Tree
- New spell called Divine Misery (Consecration)
- Fixed some spelling errors
- Shadow Step has a 5 Second cooldown, and a 1 Minute timer before it resets
- Custom sounds created for Shadow Step (When the timer is up, only plays if not used before timer expires)
- Custom sound for Divine Misery

- Shadow Strike, has animations that work with Swords and a new animation for Dagger
- Best results for Shadow Strike chances, are when you are sneaking / undetected
- Arcane Bows now have a graphically changed to fit its behavior
- Skill up with the Arcane Bows in Destruction has been reduced
- Arcane Bows magicka cost is increased, now cost 206 magicka

- Essentials can not be killed, you will just simply bump into them
- Hopefully fixed Vengence from now showing up in the Onehanded Skill tree

- Support for Midas Bound Dagger

- Ghost Form has been redeveloped
- New Perk Vengence (One-handed), Consecration (Restoration), Syndicate (Sneak)
- Upon Updating / Installing you will recieve a Manual
- Arcane Bows have been redesigned, and added a Poison Bow

- New Perk Inspiration (Alteration)
- New Perk Darkness (Conjuration)
- Arcane Bows now skill up Archery and now benifit from Soul Steeler perk
- Arcane Shock Bow has a chance to disintergrate the target if destruction perk is present
- Auto-equip arrow feature has been removed, and is now present in the CUPID - Arrow Be Gone mod
- Scripting / Mod has been revisited to fix bugs and to improve stability

%%%%%%%%%%%%%% [ DESCRIPTION ]
Arcane Assassin allows the player to bend the elements for destroying your enemies

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%%%%%%%%%%%%%% [ FEATURES ]
Arcane Assassin Manual
Arcane Assassin 0.10a, will give you a book that will allow you to learn what new spells incase you were using a previous version that did not add the new spells / abilities in the 0.10a. Book is automatically given too you. It will also give you information on what is added and where to find things. It will be a readers manual for Arcane Assassin, because i had some people come and did not read the description so hopefully this helps them in-game :)

%%%%%%%%%%%%%% [ INSTALL ]
Remeber to always back up your saves before installing any .ESP plugin
Place the ESP / BSA into your Skyrim/Data folder

%%%%%%%%%%%%%% [ FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS ]

%%%%%%%%%%%%%% [ CONFLICTS ]
NOTE - Remember to always back up your saves before installing any .ESP plugin

This mod will possibly conflict with any other plugin that alters Perks in anyway

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