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Last updated at 10:09, 13 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 2:13, 5 Mar 2014

- Weather Control Center -

This mod adds an MCM menu that lets you configure and set the current weather and different weather options. It also lets you configure different lists of weathers to quickly cycle through.

Got tired of looking up weather codes when trying to balance my enb to different types of weather. So I made this mod mostly for myself to make it simpler. I suppose it could be useful to anyone doing the same or making screenshots/videos, so here you have it.

SkyUI and SKSE

Mod Support
Supports Vanilla, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, Climates of Tamriel and RCRN weathers

Mods that add new weather have to be above 0x80 in your load order (closer to the masters files) for the Status page to display correctly. Certain weathers don't seem to transition well into others, mostly special weather like the sovengarde weather and other aurora type weathers. It seems to be an issue with the actual weather system.
If you modify game settings your save might have issues later. I recommend not enabling them if your doing a normal playthrough.

Current State
RCRN Weathers added. Some issues with changing between special weather and aurora types.

Future State
More convenience functionality.

Use your favorite manager, or extract to Skyrim/Data.

- v1.40 Added RCRN weathers
- v1.30 Added DLC weathers
- v1.20 Added option highlighting
- v1.10 More descriptive headers; Added warning message for gamesetting ; Some small changes
- v1.01 Fixed menu loading problem; Removed "Don't Remove" button ;P ; Plus small polishes to the menu
- v1.00 Initial Release

Tools Used.
- Creation Kit; to make the plugin
- TES5Edit; to find weather codes
- Automation Tools; to extract weather codes
- IntelliJ; to write code for formatting output from AT
- Notepad++; for scripting