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Last updated at 9:03, 14 Apr 2016 Uploaded at 7:08, 28 Feb 2014

This mod adds conjuration spells to summon several Daedra from Coldharbour. Among them are several types of Dremora, a Seducer, a Xivilai, and a Cold-Flame Atronach. These Daedra are available only to vampires or the Champion of Molag Bal.

Version 4.1:
-Fixed the spell description for the Seducer Assassin.
-Removed the dangerous keyword from all spells so NPCs no longer comment.
-Corrected Cold Flames spell level (is now an Adept level spell).
-Removed unnecessary file from the BSA, reducing the file size.

Version 4.0: Another big one!
-Added a Xivilai that wields a two-handed axe and summons cold-flame atronachs.
-Added a new cold-flame atronach that is exclusive to the Xivilai that levels up to 200.
-Added a Seducer assassin that wields two daggers and also uses paralyze and invisibility spells.
-Added a new perk for the assassin that gives her a damage multiplier when she is invisible (up to 10x at high levels).
-Added a playable set of the Daedric Armor of Coldharbour.
-Added a Daedric Greatsword of Coldharbour, two Daedric Swords of Coldharbour and an Assassin's Dagger.
-Added two new blue flame spells (Cold Flames and Cold Fire Storm).
-Added a Calm Daedra spell/power, just in case they get out of hand.
-Added another lore/skill book that gives some background on the cold-flame atronachs (ESO book).
-All items have been added to the chest in the Soul Cairn.

Version 3.0: Big update!
-All current Dremora will now have master level spells that will summon them permanently. The master level Dremora will also be named.
-Orignal adept level Dremora still available, but slightly rebalanced so they are less powerful.
-New master level only Dremora Necromancer who will summon or raise up to 3 minions at higher levels!
-New voices! The Necromancer is voiced by the talented DanielHodge. The females have all new vanilla based voice sets (with added Dremora effects).
-New blue Flame Atronach that levels up to 20 or 40 with Elemental Potency.
-New expel spell to send the permanent summons back to Coldharbour.
-Lore/Skill book that will level up your conjuration and give a little back story to the Dremora (actual ESO lore book).
-New items are in a chest in the Bone Yard in the Soul Cairn.
-Bug fix: fixed sword inventory/1st person model.
-Bug fix: fixed Soul Scorch level.
-Bug fix: vanilla spell absorb bug fixed.


Version 2.0: Adds a male berserker, player spell and enchant. Appearances of the warrior and spellsword have been swapped as I feel it matches their classes better.
Version 1.0: Initial release

The Dremora Warrior (Kynmarcher Xic): Specializes in two-handed, archery and heavy armor
The Dremora Spellsword (Kynmarcher Akantha): Specializes in one-handed, destruction and heavy armor
The Dremora Berserker (Kynmarcher Zzedenkathik): Specializes in one-handed (dual wield), archery and heavy armor
The Dremora Necromancer (Valkynaz Xalxorkig): Specializes in conjuration, destruction and heavy armor
The Xivilai (Furai): Specializes in two-handed, conjuration and heavy armor
The Seducer Assassin (Violante): Specializes in one-handed daggers, illusion, alteration and light armor

All Dremora use custom Daedric armor that glows with the pale blue light of Coldharbor and custom ebony swords. The Spellsword, Necromancer and Fame Atronach use custom destruction spells that do magic damage and drain health. The Berserker and the Soul Shrivens has custom weapon enchants that burn with blue flames.

The tomes for the adept level summon spells can either be purchased from Ronthil in Castle Volkihar or found lying on a table in the basement of the abandon house in Markarth. The master level tomes can only be found in a chest in the Soul Cairn (in the Bone Yard, right above the nook where Valerica kept the Elder Scroll).

The adept spells require a conjuration skill level of 50, and have a base cost of 200. While anyone can aquire the tomes and learn the spells, ony vampires and the Champion of Molag Bal can actually summon the Dremora.
The master spells require a conjuration skill level of 100, and have a base cost of 1000. While anyone can aquire the tomes and learn the spells, ony vampires and the Champion of Molag Bal can actually summon the Dremora.

All custom perks use conditions so that they only take effect when the Dremora reach the appropriate level. This allows them to be appropriately powered and useful from as early as you can cast the spells all the way up to level 200.

The idea for this mod came from seeing screenshots of female Dremora in ESO and the "Arrival" live action trailer which shows Dremora that are clearly serving Molag Bal. The look of the Dremora is loosely based on the "Arrival" trailer as they appear to have bluish skin with white markings and glowing blue eyes.

German review:

The summonable Dremora reference two unique followers that I used while building, testing, and taking screenshots for the mod. I've decided to leave them in the mod for those that aren't into immersive play and may want to take screenshots, etc. They can be found in qasmoke.
Please note that the followers are NOT supported! They use a custom race which I didn't bother making compatible with anything, so they are unable to wear any armor besides what they have on!

Skyrim or later
Dawnguard DLC

Install with NMM or unzip the enclosed files to your data folder and make sure the mod is checked.
The mod doesn't modify any vanilla assets so it shouldn't matter where it is in the load order.

DanielHodge for the voice of the Necromancer
Hello Santa for SG Female Textures Renewal
mrLenski for texture elements from Covereyes
Nuska for Ethereal Elven Overhaul
Geonox for High Res Face Maps for Men
Urshi for Fine Face Textures for Men and Smooth Male Body
GS_Storm for 40 Year Old Normal Map
Calyps and Nuska for CNHF 2.5
betterbecause for BI Phenotypes
Diethardt for Weathered and Worn Warpaints
Th3Mut4nt for Astaroth Horns Redone - Demon Horns
AlienSlof for the horns from Just for Men
newermind43 for True Thief Armor
comrade1280 for Ebony Valkyrie Armor
747823 for Weapons of the Third Era
Nouserhere for Ear models for modders
Apachii for ApachiiSkyHair
Flammenzunge for the German translation
RockMic for the Italian translation
criswolf09 for the Spanish translation
Bethesda for making this wonderful game and supporting the mod community.

Testing and Screenshots: