Naruto Susanoo Ribcages Power by kurasa25
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Adds spelltomes for the Susanoo Ribcages (Sasuke's, Itachi's and Madara's) from Naruto to the vendors throughout Skyrim .Once you activate the spell, you will be invincible as long as it's active. While it's active it will constantly drain magicka and when you run out of it, the Susanoo will deactivate. You can also deactivate it at will by using the spell again anytime you want.You can also get the spell via console by typing "help susanoo" and then "player.addspell *spell id*" if you're lazy like me :P


-added new sound effects and special effects to Susanoo. There are 2 versions:
normal version: normal activation sound, normal deactivation sound and a kamui+slow time activation effect. (its just the effect, it wont actually slow time when activating)
alternative version: normal activation sound, normal deactivation sound and only the slow time activation effect. (again, its just the effect, it wont actually slow time when activating)

-small update, better flame effects for blue and purple Susanoo

-changed flame effect on Itachi's Susanoo to normal flames with a red glow

-First and third person work for Ribcage, third person works for flames.
-Script now drains magicka and deactivates when magicka reaches 0. This value can be adjusted at will in the creation kit.
-Removed magicka requirement when activating and deactivating.
-All three models are in one esp and can be bought from any basic spell vendor. You can buy all three versions and can switch between them at will. There are no consequences or bugs from switching between colors.
- the spell is now toggleable (you can deactivate Susanoo by using the spell again) and not craftable anymore. It was added to the vendors in Skyrim

- updated esp (credits to ninjademon)

- added Itachi's and Madara's ribcages

- initial release


1.) deactivate the last version you had
2.) launch the game and save
3.) exit the game and deinstall the last version you had
4.) install the new version and enjoy ;)


NMM: Just activate it

Manual: Drag the data folder to your Skyrim directory


NMM: Deactivate it

Manual: Delete everything you dragged into your data folder while installing it


Ninjademon found an issue but it's really minor and requires a very specific set up.

1) Have bound armors installed
2) have a mod that auto casts bound armors (example would be smart cast)
3) Have Susanoo active.

What will happen is the bound armors will replace Susanoo, but the toggle spell will still think it's active. As a result, you have to cast it twice to reactivate it. Casting it once officially deactivates the ability while casting it again reactivates it.

This will ONLY happen if you have something that autocasts bound armors whle you're using Susanoo. And the only reason it does that is because bound armors uses the same slots as Susanoo.

Also, do NOT go into vamplord/werewolf form while Susanoo is active. You will be unable to revert back to a human. Make sure you point that out as well. UPDATE(as of V1.4): if you transform while Susanoo is active you'll just have to wait until you're out of magicka and it will disappear automatically.

Other than that there's another issue concerning the magicka drain script. It does drain the magicka until you have none left but it'll also keep draining when you pause the game or check the hotkey menu :S EDIT: fixed


Use whatever you want but give credits to the rightful owners/creators.


- to Bethesda for this awesome game
- to Kpheonix57 and Loris Cangini for the Susanoo meshes and textures (
- to SkyrimBound6 for his true bound armors script (
- to ninjademon for updating the esp and scripting alot and making the spell much more useful and interesting!!!