Unbelievable Grass HD by AceeQ
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Added: 26/02/2014 - 12:24PM
Updated: 30/01/2015 - 11:04AM

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Last updated at 11:04, 30 Jan 2015 Uploaded at 12:24, 26 Feb 2014


Extreme dense grass for all regions of skyrim. I mostly used the same grass mesh, but different textures for the different regions of skyrim.

This mod will affect your performance. You can lose 20+ FPS if you play with the highest density. You can change the density with a INI setting, just scroll down for more infos.

Some grass textures are 2k high resolution (2048x2048) and 1k resolution (1024x1024). The new version 2.0 adds a few new grasses for more diversity. 

GRASS DENSITY (ini setting)

This mod has a extreme grass density, but you can adjust the density with a simple INI setting.

Open yourskyrim.ini and change under [Grass] this line:


iMinGrassSize=20 to a higher value for less density or to a lower value for even more density. 20 is best!


iMinGrassSize=15 - extreme dense
iMinGrassSize=20 - best density (if you have a good rig)
iMinGrassSize=35 - less dense
iMinGrassSize=65 - even more less dense


This mod is compatible with most mods except grass mods. If you want to use Skyrim Flora Overaul with this, simply install this mod after SFO and load it after SFO in the load list, so it can overwrite some changes from SFO.

Otherwise it should work with all mods out there.