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Warning: I do not play anymore, Skyrim, I'm taking a break! Finally, I realized that the team estimated that this version is very "bright." Anyway, to remove the "brilliant", just delete the file "efect" (file "effect" as it is. "Txt") Many people prefer it without this effect, this adds a file "HD",
To remove the DOF, (the effect that changes blurred), open your enbseries, and [Efect], the last option, delete the "true" and type "false" in the same place. Anyway, good game for you! God loves you!

Sorry my English is terrible, but I'm trying very =D

Galera, levei mó tempão para faze-lo, poderia ter ficado com ele só pra mim, mas queria compartilha. De todos que vi esse acabar sendo o mais bonito e olha que procurei muito, algum mod de efeitos e gráficos, se você souber se um melhor me avise ^^ ..
Levei mo trabalhão com isso, que vocês nem imaginam...

thank you
last version

updated RED & DARK with less dark nights. 6/1/2012
Updated: 7/1/2012:

Dark & Red 3.0:

Heaven is more real, blue, and a sharpness that looks like a "HDR", gives an incredible effect! Noticed until the details of a small stone and improved over the sky = D can be enabled or disabled at any time by using SHIFT + F12

I HATE ENGLISH, -.- and my English is bad. =D. I do not understand the dynamics of ProGamer FILES, was not I who created them, and thanks for the peopl who created =D. I just joined, some files of various mods and I really liked what I saw! VERY GOOD! I never get tired of drooling ...

The files are small txt, dll, enbseries, d3d9.dll, etc.
[b]3.0 was released!

Before coming to tell me "mimimi" is too dark! "Enbseries have choices with less dark and less dark and has options.

Open the game and control panel of the video card as in the picture below and edit their contrast, brightness and darkness set it. For the best view.

The 3.0 was designed to increase the realism and "drama" with the shadow. Entering a forest, in one night is not an easy thing. You need light. But like I said if you do not like, choose enbseries called "night light"; =)

are all thrown into the game executable folder (like any other enbseries) FOLDER TESV.exe

just delete these files

just press shift + F12 media (enable) and again to turn

if the paste and replace, make a backup of your original files.
if you know of any sharpening, which reminds him of a better HDR, an effect (or nbseries) better than that, let me know! = D

WARNING! Get better for your mod.
The mod obtein a file that makes the textures get better and better defined as a "HDR"!
And this effect is given by a file called "EFFECT" if you do not like it, just delete it.
If you want to try it, enter the folder "EFFECT-HQ SHARP - FPS DROPS" and throw it in the folder TESV.exe

The file "EFFECT" FPS drops a bit, if you use it on version; DARK & RED.
O mod tem um arquivo que dexa as texturas melhores e mais definidas como um "HDR"!
e esse efeito é dado pelo ARQUIVO COM O NOME "EFFECT", se você não gosta dele, apenas o delete-o.
Caso queira experimenta-lo, pegue na pasta "EFFECT- HQ SHARP - FPS DROPS" e jogue-o na pasta TESV.exe

O arquivo EFFECT tem uma leva queda de FPS utilizando-o com mod versão DARK & RED.
For better visualization, the mod, do like the image below:

Open your control panel of your video card. And open the game in windowed mode!
3.0 Dark Red -Shadow density:

No, Shadow density:

Open your control panel of your video card. And open the game in windowed mode, so set your contrast, brightness and power of color, your way.
Abra seu painel de controle da sua placa de video. E abra o jogo em modo de janela, sendo assim configura o seu contraste, brilho e força das cores; a sua maneira.

Video 3.0, this video was regularized, for people with their contrast, more than 60% view the game.

In the videos below, which would reduce by 20% ¨ contrast, more or less! To so observe it better.

Exclusive, Video 3.0, final test:

It will only be released to reach the "100 indorse" :D

New video, Yellow & Dark, less red. 1080p

Dark Red Version 2.0 HD 1080p - for me, this is the best!:

Blue Sky Version HD 1080p:

Dark Red Version 2.0 :

tip: the night is not so dark. and that the guy who made ​​the video, did not set the contrast and brightness very well = D

Mods aconselhados (e requisitos para ficar como no video):
Mods advised (and requirements to look like in the video):
*Sun and clouds textures
*Bryce Nebula. It is real pretty with Red & Dark:
Realistic Lighting Without Post-Processing for Red Dark 3,0, in dageon: (This mod has options besides dark (the world) or indoors in homes or dageon) I always played with him, but only with the dark interior, and thus becomes more real. However it is not recommended if you play "DARK & RED" blue sky, because it is already dark =)

- Skyrim galaxy replacer
Nicer Snowflakes
HD Better Reflections For Armor and Weapons weight
Dragon Bone Weight Reduction
Coolsims Hair Pack
20 moons

" * " = important mods

//created by Boris Vorontsov
tapioks for having done, and Sunglare.dss, placed in the mod. For all of you: D

[b]~ {} ~ GOD EXISTS ~ {} ~[