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Last updated at 18:46, 19 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 18:26, 20 Feb 2014

• Entirely new enbeffect.fx file
• New blooming techniques through effect.txt
• Advanced effects, new bloom blending techniques
• Split Toning (disabled by default, but have a blast)
• Advanced tonemapping (Filmic S-curve)
• Contrast bloom techniques (*1)
• Full control of: Skyrim: Image Space settings
• ENB: Saturation, contrast, brightness, vibrance, intensities, RGB balance, etc. From within shader menu
• Supersampling SSAO/SSIL with optimized settings
• ENB Weather system enabled for Skyrim, Dawnguard and Dragonborn
• All effects enabled except for Sunglare, Lens and Reflections
• enbbloom.fx and enbeffectprepass.fx by Kyokushinoyama

(*1) Switch in shader menu to show contrast bloom on screen. Dark area's are where contrast is added, light area's
is where it's reduced. Counts only towards bloom. Mix sets the mix between original and the contrasted image created by
contrast blooming, not the mix between bloom and original (contrast image has original mixed in it as well). Saturation
sets the saturation of the bloom texture and intensity lets you controls the dark/light area's to add contrast.
Set switch to show the texture on screen when tweaking so you can predict what it does to highlights like sun, fire, galaxy, etc.

Note #1: This ENB in the base uploaded form is very respectful to the vanilla game look ( see it as "lore-friendly" ).
However the options available in the shader menu of ENB will allow you to make the game look however "interesting" you prefer.

Note #2: My author screenshot aren't all taken with the default settings.

Like any other ENB; remove all previous files/folders of any other ENB you might of had (all of it!)
Install using NMM (or manual) and inside the Data folder you will find a folder called [ Serenity ENB ].
Copy the contents of that folder into the Skyrim folder where TESV.exe is located.

When that is done visit ENB download page HERE and get the latest Binary.
Copy d3d9.dll from the Wrapper folder into your Skyrim folder.

Enhanced Lights and FX by anamorfus (do not install Enhancer!)
Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE) by --JawZ-- (direct download link, use only ELE Interiors!)

• ELFXEnhancer.esp is incompatible with ELE!
• Revamped Exterior Fog. This mod will remove most fog, but due to this the contrast is higher and destroys the image.
This preset is made to keep game intact and work around the fog by its own
• Ningheim Racemod is incompatible with TimeOfDay enabled ENB's (any ENB) unless you install the optional "The Ningheim Race - Scripts Update".
• Climates of Tamriel and other Weather mods (also mods that add new weathers / change vanilla weathers, like
Expanded Snow systems, Volumetric Fog, etc)
• Realistic Lighting Overhaul and other Interior Lighting mods
(they may be compatible when you leave ELE loaded after it, but I haven't tested that)



ELFX - Dawnguard.esp //if you have the DLC
ELFX - Dragonborn.esp //if you have the DLC
ELE DB-Interior Lighting.esp //if you have the DLC
ELE HF-Interior Lighting.esp //if you have the DLC
ELE DG-Interior Lighting.esp //if you have the DLC
ELE-Interior Lighting.esp
...nothing here that changes lighting

What I use, as textures matter a lot from ENB coding point of view
Dramatic Clouds by Anarin (I would almost say required)
Unique Grasses and Groundcovers by Josh Ezzell
Skyrim Flora Overhaul by vurt
Ultimate HD Fire Effects by BuzzDee84
Realistic Water Two by isoku
Watercolor for ENB and Realistic Water Two by paganmetalfan
Vivid Landscapes - All in One by Aron
Lorkhans Vision - Night Sky V2 by Doubloonz
Skyrim Particle Patch & Sub Surface Scattering patch by mindflux
Fine Face Textures for Men by Urshi
SG Female Textures Renewal by Hello Santa
Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles by Chris57 and FavoredSoul
• Skyrim Realistic Overhaul ( not available on Nexus, only via torrent )
• Actually the best meshes and textures for character and skin cannot be found on Nexus, and policies do not allow the links
to be placed on Nexus. Google "Skyrim Lady Body" by Krista. You're welcome.

Sound of Skyrim and ELE Interior Lighting Patch by marmo1233

STUFF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO GET (so don't ask and/or complain)
• Compatibility with any other lighting mod or weather mod. Likely compatible with other lighting mods as long as you
keep ELE loaded after it ( but I never tested it )

• Boris Vorontsov for ENB Graphics Modification
• Alexander Blade for ENB Helper mod
• for SweetFX suite
• & ZeroKing for Lumasharpen in effect.txt
• Aiyen for helping out a lot and pushing me to explore options, go check out his ENB as well ( SkyLight ENB )
• Kyokushinoyama for his amazing work on ENB leading to a whole lot of inspiration, and of course his .fx files
• HD6 for don't know why because I removed your entire pixel shader and just kept a few lines in the end, but there ya go
• MATSO for Letterbox code part
• All the mod authors for their amazing work
• Everyone on Nexus who helped me with support and feedback

Permissions for the respective files belong to their original authors.
For use of the enbeffect.fx file in your own preset that you like to publish somewhere, please ask, I'd love to know
where it's used and what comes out of it.

CandyRay - Files being used in My ENB revoked this because he uploaded Serenity ENB under his name in its entirety
Mangaclub and benhat - Files being used in Vividian ENB

This does not mean their current work includes these files. It's that if they ever feel like, they can use them without asking (again, as they have asked already). Because I don't know how much longer I will be around.

float satisfaction = Your_happiness;
if (satisfaction>0.75) Endorsements+=1.0;


Skyrim IS: Max Saturation
Set the maximum value Skyrim Image Spaces can set for saturation.
This will effectively limit the influence of Image Space setting for saturation on the Pixel shader

Skyrim IS: Max Contrast
Set the maximum value Skyrim Image Spaces can set for contrast.
This will effectively limit the influence of Image Space setting for contrast on the Pixel shader

Skyrim IS: Max Brightness
Set the maximum value Skyrim Image Spaces can set for brightness.
This will effectively limit the influence of Image Space setting for brightness on the Pixel shader

Skyrim IS: Intensity
Set the maximum intensity value which can be set on Skyrim Image Spaces. This should be a fixed value > 1.0. 1.3 seems to give the best overall results

Skyrim IS: Max Tint Amount <DNI>
Set the max tint amount that Skyrim Image Spaces can use. Value of 0.0 will remove any color tinting by the game engine, but is not advised

Enable Color Checker
Shows an in-game color checker for Red, Green, Blue, Black, 50% Gray, White, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, which will run
through the entire Pixel Shader. Mainly gadget because I am colorblind and I needed such function. Bloom contrast needs
to be disabled to show properly. Advisable to set CC Saturation and Vibrance to 1.0.
This is meant only for RGB color balance tweaking

Palette Mix
Set the mix between color and palette color. Mainly increase or reduce contrast settings with the palette in this preset,
but other presets might have more “fantasy” palettes in use

Adaptation Low Clamp
Set low clamp on adaptation. Adaptation in this presets influences the white scale on the tone mapping
(high adaptation values raise tone curve, suppressing highlights and vice versa for dark area’s)

Adaptation High Clamp
Set high clamp on adaptation. Adaptation in this presets influences the white scale on the tone mapping
(high adaptation values raise tone curve, suppressing highlights and vice versa for dark area’s)

Bloom Threshold <DNI>
Set the minimum color intensity subjected to bloom texture. This will avoid blooming of dark objects

Bloom RGB Balance
Set the coloring of bloom

Enable Letterbox
Enable cinematic letterbox effect

Letterbox Size (%)
Size of the letterbox

Enable Contrast Bloom
Enable contrast blooming. This is my own written effect and the coding around it will invert the bloom texture based on
color intensity (bright spots become dark and dark become bright) while it maintains the color (so it’s not a negative image).
This is an adaptation of Photoshop’s “Soft Light” effect which I have reversed. The result is that it will add contrast
in highlights and reduces this is low intensities, or it can raise contrast in low intensities and reduce in high, whichever setting you prefer.
Both methods below work with intensity >0.5 or <0.5 and apply different math to either case. This is how intensity can be used
as a cut over between both results

Show Blend on Screen
Shows the blending texture on screen for easy tweaking

Mode 1_Softlight 2_Overlay
Contrast bloom method: Softlight or Overlay. Overlay is more intense and likely cause highlights to blow out a bit

Contrast Bloom Mix
Mix between original texture and original texture mixed with bloom texture

Contrast Bloom Intensity
Intensity of the bloom texture, used to control the cut over between different calculations on what to do with that specific pixel

Contrast Bloom Saturation
Saturation setting, useful when playing with the settings to keep the overall colors correct

Enable Grain
Enables Grain/Noise to reduce banding effectively

Grain Motion
Set motion speed of the grain (static - slow - fast)

Grain Saturation
Set saturation of the grain

Grain Intensity
Set intensity of the grain

Enable Split Tone
Enable split tone effect. This is an effect written by me that will split tone the image based on color intensity and
have curves to black and white as well (so color change goes: black -> low tone -> high tone -> white). This can be used
to replace palette textures and give you in game control over how it should look and what curves to use

Split Tone Mix
Mix between original color and the split tone color

Split Tone Low
Set the low color end of the split tone (should be a dark color)

Split Tone Low Power
The point at which the Low tone should be introduced

Split Tone High
Set the high color end of the split tone (should be a bright color)

Split Tone High Power
The curve from high color to white

Split Tone Contrast <DNI>
Contrast intensity of the split tone

Split Tone Intensity <DNI>
Color intensity of the split tone

<DNI>: RGB Balance
RGB color balance. This setting is displayed as a color checker for practical purposes (so you see the color)
but in the background the only thing it cares about is the difference between the different channels.
So, setting 40, 40, 40 is exactly the same as 200, 200, 200 which will both evaluate to 1.0, 1.0, 1.0.
Example: setting RGB balance as R=147, G=154, B=156 in the RGB Balance setting will evaluate to: R * 0.965, G * 1.011, B * 1.024

Tonemap <DNI>
Tonemap setting will influence the different intensities. Very hard to explain by text, easier to see in game
which each variable influences. The code generates an S-curve where blacks are more contrasted and highlights are
controlled (Toe is the lower part of the curve, Shoulder the upper part and Linears are the angle from Toe to Shoulder).
Different parts influence different area’s of intensity; Shoulder Strength, Linear Strength, Linear Angle, Toe Strength,
Toe Numerator, Toe Denominator, White Scale. White scale limits the highlights and suppresses the output.
Google S-curve in case you need a graphical presentation of how such a curve looks

<DNI> CC: Pre-Brightness
Intensifies colors before going through saturation, contrast, vibrance

<DNI> CC: Saturation
Set color saturation, suggest values from 0 to 1 but not over 1

<DNI> CC: Contrast
Set contrast before going through tone mapping

<DNI> CC: Vibrance
Set color vibrance, makes colors more intense for dramatic effects

<DNI> CC: Post-Brightness
Set color intensity after color corrections, but before tone mapping