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Here I have uploaded my Skyrim INIs which I got the best result in performance and graphics.
There is one upload for Skyrim INIs I'm using with high scripting relevant mods like HDT and several special followers like Vilja, Cerwiden, Sindra, Rigmor, M'Rissi ...which cause a lot of load on the scripting engine. With this special Papyrus and Thread settings, graphics experiences also improve.

Who likes to use Steam Workshop, you find my collection, hints and screenshots from the game with my settings and used mods here.

And if you like to have my screenshots as wallpapers, go here.

On this files download section here on Nexus under Miscellaneous, I uploaded a list of my mods I'm using currently with this settings and which are the basics for the scenarios of screenshots I've uploaded on the image section here.

My reference hardware is

AMD Radeon HD 7970 4GB GDDR in Crossfire Setup with latest CCC, which is important for Crossfire

Remember to change your graphics reference in the SkyrimPrefs.ini under display section (sD3DDevice=) and your display resolution (iSize H / iSize W). Otherwise the game will overwrite the whole INI. You must also check the language Setting (sLanguage=) in the Skyrim.ini, otherwise the Steam game management will start downloading the languages files for this language.

Mod Organizer and some other mod manager tools like STEP makes and uses its own Skyrim.ini and Skyrimprefs.ini located at Mod Organizer/profiles/your profiles name. So be aware to replace or change the right INIs to get your results.

I use most of recommended mods and configuration advice from this list even I don't use ENB

watch the mod files on several mod recommendations they provide extra mod for nonENB with similiar effects or patches for nonENB users. I usually use 2k resolution and texture of graphics mods, not more. And read the section about Performance & Stability, I used a lot of the recommended stuff to get the best out of my INI settings.

Additional performance and stability is possible using SKSE 1.7x and memory settings on skse.ini.

It is recommended to use Stable uGridsToLoad Cell Stabilizer

Except the Skyrim Project Optimization, I used nearly all of the recommendations from Skyrim Stability Guide and Skyrim Graphics Guide

And load order from LOOT.

You have to travel a while through Skyrim until you get all advantages and all texture well loaded from your new settings.

If you want to use ENB presets, use RealVision, AIR ENB or EWIs Realvision ENB for NAL.
Just change the settings on this INIs according modders recommendation in regards of


And make sure you edit the right INIs, when you are using a mod manager.