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Enjoy the EVERYTHING that the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim can give to you.
With a 371 level khajiit, with perks points spent in ALL PERKS, you can adventura across Skyrim beeig a SUPER KHAJIIT
Also included a special armor the Chosen Of Akatosh Armor set (dragonscale set with rigth enchentments for him).

Now here's a list of where finding what:
Second Floor:
Manequim - Chosen Of Akatosh Armor Set
Display Case by the side of Manequim - Chosen Of Akatosh Weapons
Litle satchel close to the arcane enchanter - Soul Gems (Black Only, about 50 have fun)
First Floor:
Satchel close to the Alchemy Table - Alchemy reagents
Chest on the rigth side of the house - Ultimate Healing Potions and Phiter Of the Phantom
Chest on the left side of the house - Alchemy creator set (VERY POWERFULL KEEP READ THE SECTION "THE ALCHEMY OF MY SAVE" TO NOW MORE)
In the safe on the bedroom - LOTS of gems and all the gold I could Gather
In the safe by the anvil - Arrows (All types here)
In the storage room:
The safe - Misc itens, all DLC'S misc itens here as well
Chest in front of the safe - Thiefs Guild Stuff
Turn left in the storage room:
Chest by the left wall - Daedric Artifacts
Chest in the middle desk - Itens from other quests
Chest in the rigth side on the floor - Dragon Priests Stuff
Chest in the floor behind the desk - College Of Winterhold Stuff
Turn rigth in the storage room:
Chest behind the central desk - Dark Brotherhood Stuff
Chest by the left wall - Dawguard Stuff (DLC)
Chest in the front wall - Dragonborn Stuff (DLC)
In the Cellar:
Manequim - Armor Crafting Set
By the left Chest - Crafting Materials
By the rigth Chest - House Crafting Materials
Up front Chest - Some Pelts
In the Library:
Just some books (I was picking some up to store)

The Alchemy Of My Save
To tell really how to do this again I really can't (LOL) because I really don't know what happen,
after playing a bit with alchemy and enchanting I came to an set that had that incredible number, and it did not decay over time. Using this set and the Legendary Skill that came with last update on ps3 (YEAH I MEAN IT) I went over and over with alchemy, like 1 potion gave me level 100, that was like, perks, ups, and so on..... I stoped there, and still got perks to spend LOOOL.


Really a friend told me to upload this to nexus because of beeing so GODLIKE save game.
Guys This really came from a PS3 and I used converter to do this, if you enjoyed don't forget to express yourself, and if you want to change your race without any major problems check out this mod:


Thanks and have fun beeing a GOD