Gunjars Axe Mini Overhaul by Jethro327
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Added: 19/02/2014 - 06:38AM
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Have you ever thought that if Gunjar (the Stormcloak at the start of the game, in Helgen), was meant to be a known soldier within Ulfric's Army, that his axe would be somewhat 'unique'? If you think this way, then this Mod is for you! I have made a new weapon in the Creation Kit titled Gunjar's Axe, it replaces the Iron Axe that gets placed in his inventory when you are meant to loot him at the start of the game. It might be a tad overpowered, having at least 6 more damage than an Iron Axe, and an enchantment for more damage against Elves. This is my first Mod, so please leave constructive criticism, and do not expect much from this. :)