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1: Requirements
2: Installation
3: Uninstallation
4: Description
5: Compatibility
6: Bugs

1: Requirements

2: Installation
To install the mod, simply install and activate. When you run the game for the first time, it will take a few minutes to initialize. Try not to move around or level up any skills while this is happening. It shouldn't matter, but it's better to be on the safe side. After it has finished, you will the notification "APU is ready."

3: Uninstallation
To uninstall the mod, just disable it while the scripts aren't running. There are no constantly updating scripts, so it shouldn't cause any errors as long as the scripts aren't half-way through running. After leveling up, wait for the "APU is ready." notification to know it's ready to run again or be uninstalled.

4: New Description, while this mod was working perfectly fine before, it's suddenly not doing anything for apparently anyone. The only thing still working consistently is always having one perk point. I don;t know what's causing it and I have no plans to fix it until SKSE offers a function to retrieve a perk's required level. Until then, don't expect this to work like described below.

4: Description
This mod is one I intended to make for a long time. I finally got around to making it because someone requested one like it and wasn't happy with the others that exist. If a perk is unlocked at level 20, then upon reaching level 20 in that skill, it'll be unlocked automatically. It makes use of a system which makes it easy to make it compatible with many other mods without extra files complicating matters or cluttering your list.

It also has a setting, enabled by default, to keep your current perk points at exactly 1 at all times (well, technically, only while the skills menu is open). If you have an unsupported mod that adds a perk, you can use your perk point to unlock it.

Another setting which has been added is the ability to disable the automatic perk unlocking but retain the single perk point. As of version 1.1, an update to Skyrim Skills Redesigned has made the two not work well together. You should disable automatic perk unlocking and unlock them manually with your infinite perk points.

To alter these two settings, use the console.
"Set APU_Perks to 0" without quotes will make it so you always have 0 perk points.
"Set APU_Perks to 1" (default) will re-enable your perk point. Specifically, whatever you set it to will be the number of perk points you always have.
"Set APU_Perks to -1" will cause your perk points to accumulate like normal.

"Set APU_Active to 0" will disable automatic perk unlocking.
"Set APU_Active to 1" (default) will re-enable it.

5: Compatibility
Currently, this mod supports:

Skyrim Skills Redesigned - only the main merged file and the official DLC patches. It does not yet support the unmerged files. Version 1.3 and above is not yet supported as they were made after this was completed and I've yet to incorporate those changes.
Merged Thievery Skill
More Enchantment Slots

Adding support for other mods which add new perks or change the level requirement for existing perks is a fairly easy task thanks to how I went about the whole process. Let me know which mods I should focus on, and I'll try and add those in.

My mod does not have the ability to fully support SkyRe in its initial form because SkyRe makes you choose which perks to take in the Destruction skill tree and excludes the others as possibilities. My mod, if I implemented SkyRe compatibility, would grant all of the perks. SkyRe will require its own special script to make the two compatible. I do intend to do this, but it won't happen until I've A) had a chance to make sure there are no bugs that I didn't encounter when testing and B) had a chance to add a few more mods to the list of supported mods. I want to include a few other mods with smaller perk changes.

6: Bugs
There is one bug at this point. You'll notice when you first install the mod that not all perks are unlocked correctly. A few zero-level perks remain incorrectly locked while a few higher-level perks are unlocked. I have yet to pinpoint why this occurs. The first time that skill is leveled up, it will be fixed. I'll continue trying to find a way to make it work properly from the get-go, but until I do, just know that if a skill is messed up either by having perks locked that shouldn't be or by having them unlocked that shouldn't be, level up the skill and see if it fixes it.

(Fixed) Another bug existed before uploading which made it so if you leveled up a skill while the script was running, it would not finish running (and so the mod would stop working). The script takes roughly 30 seconds maximum to run (typically about 10-15) after its initial run (which can take a few minutes). I implemented a fix for this and it seems it's working. Now, if you level up while the script is running, that level increase does nothing. You'll have to level the skill again for it to take effect (it may work with leveling ANY skill up to trigger that skill as well). If this is still not working, You'll have to let me know. It wouldn't happen often, but it might happen occasionally. If the fix works, then you're unlikely to ever notice it.