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Nadene Sarayn: Exiled Telvanni Sorceress
Ancia Lio: Imperial Captain
Mirren: Bosmer Ranger
Jeanne: Breton Dawnguard
Carlia: Altmer Assassin
B'loza: Orsimer Horker Hunter
Gilde Light-Hammer - Nord Talos Champion
Rienna - Redguard Fighter


Nadene is found in Library of the College of Winterhold (moved back by request)
Ancia is found at Dragon's Bridge in front of the Imperial Office.
Mirren is found at the Gray Pine Goods in Falkreath.
Jeanne is found just outside the Cave to the Dawnguard Keep.
Carlia is found in Understone Keep in Ondolemar's Room.
B'loza is found at Mor Khazgur - Northwestern corner of Skyrim, west of Solitude.
Gilde is found at the Talos Shrine in the White River Valley
Rienna is found west of Riverwood at this Location.


If you're using NMM, just click install with Manager and make sure the .esp is activated.
If Manual install, just drag and drop the files into your data folder.


Either uninstall using Mod Manager or NMM but to uninstall manually is delete the .esp(s) and locate their folders in your (meshes)(textures)/actors/character/ and in your facegendata/(facegeom)(facetint) and delete.

Standalone as I include their own skins etc. No real complaints on their appearance except one instance of their faces having the Brown face bug but to fix this is to open their .esp in Creation Kit and Alt-F4 her name in the Actors tab. For those using UFO or Dual Combat, load follower.esp before ufo.esp and dualcombat.esp and that should fix it.


Work on my last three custom characters
Work on CBBE versions


All the mod Creators and their brilliant works I used.

If you would like to have the armor and weapons my followers use, they are listed below!

Body Mods:

The Eyes of Beauty
SG Female Eyebrows by Hello Santa
Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team
Fitness Body by Svarog
UNPCM Body by Halo
Real Girls Realistic Body Texture for UNP UNPB and SeveNBase - WIP by Zonzai and Seren4XX

Armor Mods:

Barbarian Steel Armor by steelfeathers
DWISS Eyewear
UNP Female Armors by Exeter
UNP Draugr Armor _ Ancient Nord Armour by Cambion
Elven Rogue Armor
Omegared99 - Armor Compilation by Omegared99
Redguard Royal Armor

Weapons Mod:

Ghosus Weapon Pack by Ghosu
Ghosu - Horker Weapon Pack by Ghosu

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