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Nadene is my character I've been playing since Morrowind. I fell in love with Dunmer and always played as one. She has gone through many changes and many more to come as I continuously like to change her look but as of now I am settling on this look. She is a sorceress/teacher that is kind of OP in the lower levels but levels out later on. Her earliest level is level 10 and she will level all the way to level 100.


She is found in the Arcanaeum or the Hall of Elements in the College of Winterhold, she walks around between there. So, if you can't find her. Just wait in the Hall and she'll show up.


She is standalone as I include her own skin etc. No real complaints on her appearance except one instance of her face having the Brown face bug but to fix this is to open her .esp in Creation Kit and Alt-F4 her name in the Actors tab. For those using UFO, load nadene.esp before ufo.esp and that should fix it.

She wears the following if you would like it for yourself: >Imperial Investigator Armor UNP - UNPB by Calyps >DWISS Eyewear >HN66s Earrings by humannature66

Body Mods: >UNP BLESSED BODY- UNPB REDUX PROJECT >The Eyes of Beauty >SG Female Eyebrows by Hello Santa >Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team >Fitness Body by Svarog >SG Female Renewal Textures

Vicn Creature Resource by Vicn

I'll constantly update her as I'm trying to do a lot of things with her and other mer characters I have.
Change log:
Shes currently 2.45. 2.45 I editted her face to look more like my in game face and changed the size of her Sliver. Edited her spells list and deleted other stuff I wasnt using. One day I hope to voice her to make her truly unique and maybe a quest or two to have a backstory to her.


Special thanks to Novajam and Traitor
Check out Novajam's Screenshot mod ( and his Youtube Channel (
All the mod Creators and their brilliant works I used.

You can use Nadene but also gotta see if you can with the actual mods I used.

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