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Installing several mods that adds npcs make almost all cities and towns feel active.
After playing for a while and noticing that taverns were specially crowded at night I wondered why there are just a few mods that adds wenches to inns?, so i made my own little mod for my gameplay ,but after that i thought, why not improve it a little...

Immersive Wenches


The main focus of this mod is to add wenches to every inn/tavern in skyrim with their own daily routine. Also travelling wenches to meet while you travel around skyrim.
Total NPCs added: 73 (25 bodyguards, 48 wenches)
There are 99 different appearance wenches templates available for variety.

This mod does NOT use scripts, it was also cleaned to be ready to use.

Make sure you are selecting the correct version while installing the mod If you dont like a feature

Vanilla hair modular version and Apachii hair modular version available

This mod does NOT add any custom bodies/clothes or replace vanilla ones, the body and the clothes of the wenches depend on your own mods

Requirements for the Apachii hair version:

ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii:

Requirements for the Vanilla hair version:


Main Features:

Tavern Wenches

Adds at least 1 wench to every vanilla inn (except helgen) in skyrim using as a guide.

All placed wenches have their own daily routine:

-Morning: they will walk around their city.

-Afternoon: they will just prepare for work, visit a market or go somewhere else.

-Night: they will start working, they will go to the inn/tavern and carry a plate with drinks and walk around the inn/tavern, at this time they will sell drinks and some food.

-Late night: they will start drinking while walking around and sitting with the customers. After that they will rest until morning

-All wenches have random appearance and are respawnable but the race will be the same depending on their inn/tavern.
Example: The wench at New Gnisis Cornerclub will be a Dark elf, if u kill her, another random dark elf wench will respawn. (Riften wenches will have random race)

Travelling Wenches

Adds 25 wenches, they will visit all towns, jarls´ houses/castles, cities and Honningbrew Meadery in different hours/days.
Each one of them has a hired bodyguard to protect them.

-All wenches and bodyguards have random appearance,race and are respawnable

Extra Features:

Summonable Wenches

This mod also adds a book to at least 50% of the placed wenches that teachs you a spell to summon 1 wench with random appearance and race to a location.

This summonable wenches will also have their own ai package but they will stay in the same cell where you summoned them, they will also sell drinks but during all day, and will carry a plate of drinks in different times of the day.

-This works like a placeatme command so the wench will stay in the same cell where you summoned her until is killed, this wenches arent respawnable

-This was made so you can summon a wench anywhere you want, especially to a modded inn,house,castle, etc so it can work as a way for you to add more wenches where you think they will fit.

Summonable Combat Wenches

This mods also adds a book to at least 50% of the placed wenches that teachs you a spell that summons 1 wench with random appearance, race and combat class for 5 minutes.

This spell can be improved while wearing the ¨empowered tavern clothes¨, This tavern clothes are equipped by non-combat summonable wenches. if equipped you will be able to summon up to 60 wenches.

-This was made for fun and also a way to bring wenches to battle, they arent powerfull but they can swarm some enemies.


To install: Just make sure you are installing the correct version you want while using the NMM installer, if you wanna do a manual install just follow the name of the folders.
I recommend to wait 1 day ingame after activating the mod.

To uninstall: If you installed the full version just make sure you are not wearing the ¨empowered tavern clothes¨ so you dont get stuck with its magic effect, other than that just delete the files added.

Updating/Changing between hair versions.

-If updating just replace the files.

-If your are changing between hair versions i recommend:

-Save indoors without any wench inside and exit the game.
-Uninstall all the files.
-Install the new version.
-Load game.


-This should be compatible with everything. I highly recommend using this with others mods that adds NPCs like interesting NPCs,Inconsequential NPCs, immersive patrols, populated series and others that specially adds npcs to inns.

-If you use Perseids Inns and Taverns - Realistic Room Rental Enhanced by perseid9 a patch is included in the installer of both hair versions

-If you want a Wench in your modded house, new land mod, custom added inn. Please use the summon wench spell to place one there so you can literally have wenches everywhere you want with the spell.

Load Order:

-Can be placed anywhere in your load order.
-Recommended to place it before anything that changes inns and near the top of your load order next to other NPC adding mods.


Q: Why do i have the ¨dark face bug¨?
A: Make sure that the correct facegen data was installed depending on what version you downloaded to their correct folders, They were tested and they work.

Q: Is this mod compatible with X tavern mod?
A: I just added some xmarkers to some inns so if a mod just adds some extra decorations/furnitures it should be alright, the only problem is if they change the ¨structure¨ of an inn (or made it an unique building), that will not make the mod incompatible but some ai behaviors can be odd, like a wench entering an added bathroom while holding the drinks.

Q: Is this compatible with other mod that add NPCs?
A: Yes, this was made to work with those mods and i recommend to use them.

Q: Why Apachii? i hate that hair mod...
A: Use Vanilla Hair version

Q: The hairs are breaking my immersion :O
A: If you are using Apachii version try ApachiiSkyHair natural Retexture to help you with that.

Q: Your mod broke my game...
A: I really doubt it, i tested it with my own modded skyrim with others 200 mods and several mods that adds NPCs and it is fine. But this can be the drop that spilled the glass, so check your mods please, this is skyrim modding afterall.

Q:Can they be followers/marriable?
A:No, sorry they have work to do... anyway you can use others mods that makes any NPC a follower/spouse to help you with that.

Q: Can you add wenches to custom added modded inns?
A: Thats the reason i made the summon wench spell if you want a wench in your modded house/newland/inn just summon one there.

Q: What about Dawnguard/Dragonborn?
A: i dont think theres anything to do with dawnguard and with dragonborn theres just one extra inn and i dont think and extra plugin is worth it for just 1 inn better use the summon wench spell and place one there.

Q: My horny Dovahkiin has enough ale, ¨he¨ needs other services...
A: Sorry this mod cant help you with that. (but it all depends on your mods anyway...)

Q: Is there another way to get the spell books, i dont wanna kill/pickpocket wenches.
A: Yes, there is a dead wench at The Stumbling Sabrecat you can get both spell books there.

Q: When i sit in an inn, wenches dont come to ask what i need.
A: Sorry but you are not the center of the world, there are other customers anyway :P just wait for another inn servant to help you with that if possible.

Q: Summonable wenches and summonable combat wenches!!!? Why...?
A: I like the idea and just did it, if you dont like the idea just download an optional version without them.

Q: Travelling wenches are attacking me for no reason!!! Why???
A: Somehow your character joined some of their faction enemies, to fix this use this command in the console ¨player.addtofaction XX010A46 0¨ (XX = the number of the mod in your loadorder) your character will join their faction and they wont attack you.


1.0.1 - bug fixes and tweaks
1.0 - Initial release

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-Sporty Sexy Sweat by Xs2reality
-Covereyes by mrLenski
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-BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio by Caliente
-The Wenches Wardrobe by Kryliss


Thanks to Apachii for the hairs.
Thanks to all the random people for posting solutions to different problems in random forums, I love you all but i cant remember you.
Thanks to my patience.


-Just dont upload this and say you made it or something.
-If you want to share this mod please just link this page.
-Live and let others live.
-Treat wenches with love.
-To ignore my bad english...