Vampiric Thirst - Requiem Compatibility Patch by me
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Added: 14/02/2014 - 05:04AM
Updated: 20/04/2014 - 05:31AM

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Uploaded by ragnaroklucifer


Last updated at 5:31, 20 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 5:04, 14 Feb 2014

Fix Bugged feed token control
No more 70+ magic effects checking for conditions in the background for each NPC and the player
Remove Added NPC vampire resistance from Requiem
Blood dropped from corpse (Requiem feature) can trigger vampire feeding function in VT properly
Blood dropped can be saved with blood conserver from Requiem
Drinking blood stored with blood conserver gives you an empty blood conserver back
Sun Damage fx based on sun damage multiplier instead of player remaining health
Also fixes missing properties such as seduction magic effect in the dialog script
Replaced dirty scripts with clean ones in transformation script (see change log)
Optimization for some scripts and magic effects
Fix slow speed perk applied permanently (need a new game :/)
Compatibility patch for alternate start

Before you install, please make sure toggle spells are off
When updating, make sure you're indoor
use the update button from the menu to update the game
1.7 and up needs Requiem-native function
And a new game
(or use save game script cleaner from here:

(I want to know if anyone has luck removing the slow speed perk)
Before you install this patch.
Use console command
player.hasperk XX00182f (xx is load order of VT in hex)
to see if you have the slow speed perk applied.
Wait until day time in exterior (6:00 am) then enter interior and use the command again to see if it's still there. (or just use removeperk command)

Load Order:
VT-Dawnguard edition
VT-Requiem Patch

Optional file:
Sun damage effect won't apply until light level 50 is reached. (Multiplier still scale up to the same at light level 100)