Female face retexture by navetsea
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Added: 01/01/2012 - 11:28PM
Updated: 17/02/2014 - 05:22PM

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Last updated at 17:22, 17 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 23:28, 1 Jan 2012

Now, I have merged the face and body mod into a single Thread, so please visit:

for the latest update and also the designated body textures I have made for( UNP, CBBE, Vanilla, 4RB)

I've been using Xenius + Neckros face mods and fully happy with them, as they are perfect
so I don't know why did I make this. maybe It was only to fulfill
my own curiosity

This is a retex for female non beasts faces (all except khajiti & argonians)
basically it makes the lips more pouty and
reduced age lines from the corner of the mouth and nose

I used Xenius's mod "Detailed Faces v2" here

and also "No More Blocky Faces" here

with permission
as the basis of my little edits.

>installation guide:
-drop in data folder
-always install latest available main file first, and then if I make patch, instal it afterward
-there are face patch v1.72 packed with my body skin mod v1.72, it only contain texture map, people who want to use my msn and specular has to grab it from my v1.7 release here.

>People who has problem with custom texture not showing after installing hires pack that came with ck, please read Caliente's instruction about it

>The body texture is available for both CBBE or vanilla UV for UNP or other meshes that use vanilla UV here:

>In my game I use this ENB setting:


- more details for the eyes
- less gaunty/ fuller cheek by editing normal map
- less pointy chin by changing shading
- more adjusted lips

- lossless compression
- imperial normal map support

- edited, made seamless and perfectly compatible to my skin texture v1.7 Vanilla/UNP/Thepal body (and CBBE v1.7 later)
- support female nord, imperial, breton, redguard, altmer, bosmer, dunmer, orc, and female old
- female old is made less wrinkley than default

v1.8 rev1
-will fit to my skin texture v1.8 (this texture is the same v1.8 texture I uploaded with the body skin mod, I put here to let people with blocked adult content aware of my update)
-it has new specular, and edited lips

v1.8 fuller lips and makeup version
- a version with fuller lips
- and another version with added makeup as patch

How to screenshot:
-a set of screenshots I took during the time I create my character face, due to demand I recreate my Breton girl