Hvergelmir's Sneak Sound Overhaul - HSSO by Hvergelmir
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Added: 12/02/2014 - 11:54PM
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Hvergelmir's Sneak Sound Overhaul is a fun mod that replaces the various sneak movement sounds with squeaky toy sounds for lulz and giggles. This is in no way supposed to be taken seriously and is merely meant for brief entertainment on a dull gray day.

The whole idea behind this started during a conversation in the Nexus chat where I linked to a similar mod with squeaky toy sounds on player death by dragon and I asked people and said I wasn't sure if I wanted this mod or not. The Vampire Dante then requested I made this mod with sounds for sneaking instead (okay, didn't request... more like... suggest, or... rather, mentioned it'd be fun if there were such a mod) so as a way to kill time while I wait for Millenia to help me improve my normal map bakes like he promised :armscrossed: I decided to do this mod.

I hope this will bring brief lulz and giggles to your gameplay and if not, not really my problem, you should probably not have downloaded this mod then ;)

It is recommended to install Hvergelmir's Sneak Sound Overhaul with Nexus Mod Manager, it simplifies the process greatly and also makes it simple to uninstall again if needed.

To manually install Hvergelmir's Sneak Sound Overhaul, use either WinRar or 7-Zip to extract the files to: Steamsteamappscommonskyrim
If asked to override, click yes. Please keep in mind this will override any other sneak movement sounds you currently have installed.

To manually uninstall Hvergelmir's Sneak Sound Overhaul, delete the sneak folders inside the all folders found here: SteamSteamappsCommonSkyrimDataSoundFxFst (If there is one..)
Please keep in mind this will delete any other sneak movement sounds you currently have installed.

You may not under any circumstances use my work for a mod of your own without my explicit written permission.
If you see this mod distributed at any other place than on SkyrimNexus that is NOT found in the mirrors list, it is being distributed illegally. Please don't hesitate to contact me here if you find such case. If the website is in a foreign language that you speak, it would be of great help for me if you contacted them yourself and notified them of this on my behalf.

I am open to suggestions and collaboration work on other mods, got any great ideas feel free to contact me. My strong side is mainly (re)texturing and to some degree 3d modeling, but I am flexible and should be suitable for other jobs.

Are you a mod creator yourself and have made some fancy armor? Like my armor texture work? Want it in YOUR mod? Feel free to contact me then and we could work something out. If I really dig your style I might even be willing to do custom textures for your mod as well!

If you like my work, I'd appreciate it highly if you'd comment on my work!

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