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Hi People.
After several requests to me I decided to upload the inis again for you.

for ENB and not ENB users.
have added small notes into the inis.
so you can better adjust everything for your system.
sLanguage= <--- change the language if needed.
skyrim uses default 4 cores.
so we have nothing to add to the INI but if you have 8 cores (hyperthreaded),
you can telling skyrim that you have 8 cores. add this lines to your
Skyrim.ini, if you have 8 cores:


Infinite Loading Screens?

install Safety Load Mod. This fixes my ILS.
Too many texture mods with too high resolution --> If you have 4K textures, replace them with 2K.
You have "Skyrim Flora Overhaul" installed - try and install the optional 2K LOD files from the mod page.
You have auto saves enabled - try and disable those.
You have too many script heavy mods which dont have enough time to compile.

If you are running a script-heavy setup and your scripts start to perform badly, you could increase the fUpdateBudgetMS value in increments (to 1.6, then 2.0 at max)

Stable uGridsToLoad Mod (SKSE Plugin).
This allows you to use higher uGridsToLoad settings and allows you to turn your uGridsToLoad setting back down 
and keep your save games.


z-fighting (LOD flicker caused by competing planar textures)
before you tweak your inis make sure you have z-fighting.
before testing, copy your Skyrim.ini and your SkyrimPrefs.ini located in your Documents/My Games/ Skyrim folder
to a separate folder.
there is no solution which eliminates all but it can be reduced. important for you is, this fix costs you some FPS.
this fix is only approved for Skyrim Ultra settings:

open your SkyrimPrefs.ini, located in Documents/My Games/ Skyrim
edit this sections of the INI like so:



Save and exit.

open Skyrim.ini. Under [Display] add the following line:

Save and exit.

the normal setting is 15.0000. 25.0000 is the maximum approved value. to be precise:
you'll get clipping and see through objects as if they were transparent if you move close to them.
this CAN happen by increasing fNearDistance to anything above 15. so try out values between
15.0000 and 25.0000 to find your own sweet spot. it's up to you wheter you want that issue
to be sorted out or i helps a lot, doesn't costs performance and the side effect is negligible.
the fNearDistance-clipping effect is getting greatly increased if you use FOV (field of view) tweaks.
any FOV greather than 70 will increase clipping. for standard FOV fNearDistance=25.0000 works ok. you get
clipping but in no problematic game ruining way, since you usually don't want to run into things.
using a bigger FOV makes the clipping effect far more noticeable in game. the fix will still improve
z-fighting-issues even though you keep fNearDistance=15.0000 or delete the line completely from
your Skyrim.ini, just not as well.

Reference Guide: S.T.E.P. Project Wiki, thanks to Gopher.



start your skyrim launcher, set all to ultra, overwrite
your existing inis with my files and set the skyrim.ini
to "read only". right click your skyrim.ini, properties, click read-only.



High Inis and my Therion Enb. mods in this shot: Distant Detail and High Quality LODs:

My Minimal ENB: