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Ariani Regulus Monteno, an Imperial Master Smith is on a journey of some importance to Whiterun, with instructions on how to create a brand new type of armour for the Legion. However closely the Legion guards their secrets, Ariani happens to be an enthusiast in her line of work. She challenges anyone capable or brave enough, to pick up their hammer and tongs and follow in her footsteps to create an armour that a Legionnaire Elite would be proud to wear.

She was last seen within the Bannered Mare, bent over some manuscript or other with Adrianne Avenicci. Hulda recalls letting her spend the night, but is pretty sure the woman did not sleep one bit. She swears all she heard was scratching of a quill from somewhere upstairs.

Mod Description

This is a re-release of my first standalone mod (first one I ever worked on) that was called Imperial Elite Ranger. I didn't really like the look of the previous release, and decided to rebuild it up from scratch. To all who downloaded the first version, please make sure to completely uninstall it (delete the appropriate files) before installing this one.

The mod adds sets of medium/studded armours to the Imperial class in crafting. I always thought there should be many different types of legion units ... given what they are historically based on. A pair of gauntlets, boots, gloves and shoes are included.

There are 3 versions of the armour. From completely non-skimpy to completely skimpy. Yes, I like variation. Personally I prefer the non-skimpy as it includes a jacket design that I envisioned when making the mod. Take your pick.

If anyone wants to send in their screenshots you are more than welcome to! I love seeing how other people's games look like! Especially with all those amazing ENBs out there. My computer becomes grouchy if I play with anything that's graphically intensive. T_T

~12.02.14: Initial Release
~13.02.14: v0.8B. Fixed some texture path mistakes. Files re-uploaded. Thanks Ceaseless for pointing that out!

How to it get in game

The armour can be crafted at any forge, with some specialized parts that will need the use of a tanning rack, smelter and cooking pot. You will also require Ariani's books and journals (she doesn't realize the difference) to be able to craft the armour. Where to find them? The first one I've hinted at pretty strongly, above in the background section. Each book contains what I thought was a fair clue to the location of the next. You don't need to read the entire book if you don't want to (be still me trembling heart...) Skip near the end to find out the location of the next.

Since this is a medium level armour, I didn't want to make it too easy to obtain.

Of course, you can by pass all of this by just going to console and searching for "elite ranger" &/OR "trek". But Ariani is going to be very mad at you. She is very good at mead dousing.


1) xp32's XPMS skeleton v1.80+, highly recommended. Get it, or risk a CTD.

However, if you know that your skeleton is TBBP compatible and has butt nodes as well (no idea when and where this was introduced) then you are good. I am just recommending xp32 as it is what I am using and have always used.

NOTE: I've tested only with v1.8 - v1.92. I am unsure about the latest version. But given that it is xp32, i dunno why it shouldn't work.

The main version of the armour (non-skimpy) covers everything from the shoulders to below the knees. As such, most of the bodies that have similar body textures and maps such UNP, CBBE, 7B should be compatible.

2) That being said, the skimpier versions of the armour will require the ADEC body. Every version of the armour has been optimized for ADEC 3_0 body size, so I recommend you get that awesomeness by Acdale from:


If you have my previous version, please uninstall it completely!

NMM Users: To tell you the truth, I have NO idea if I need to do something extra to make a mod NMM ready. I do not use NMM so I cannot say. It is available for download via NMM, but please do not rail at me if it doesn't work (I just unchecked a box to make the mod NMM compatible - not sure if that's enough). If anyone does use it and everything works as it should, please let us know.

Manual Installation (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED):
1) Download and extract the archive
2) Drag and drop the contents of the Data folder into your Skyrim Data folder (located usually at: C:Program FilesSteamSteamAppscommonSkyrimData)
3) Click yes to merge folders when asked and overwrite when asked. There shouldn't be any files to overwrite as everything is standalone
4) Activate .esp


The mod adds three books to some interior spaces in Whiterun and another somewhat dingy town. Unless you have a mod that drastically changes the interior layout of these buildings, there shouldn't be any conflict.

This armour has weight slider support. But, the armour was optimized for 100% and 0 weight. Setting your weight anything in between will NOT make your armour blow up, and will change portions of it. However, you may experience some rather savage clipping issues.

I am also very aware that there are a couple of regular clipping issues with the armour. Believe you me, I am aware. But as this is one of my first mods, and its still somewhat in development, please cut me some slack. LOL-sarcastically.

Not to mention, I am sick and tired of looking at this armour in 3dsmax. Ugh ... I hate myself for picking an armour with a skirt, and want to charge at my own reflection in a mirror - headfirst, for trying to make a skirt with layers and tassels. And as much as I like the vanilla designs, oh God, modifying them to fit your design? NEVER AGAIN! I think I would've been better served to just make my own meshes.

As such, I will fix these problems ... eventually.


~ Fix clipping issues
~ Make alternate colours available (if there is enough demand for it)
~ Release Male variant (yes, before anyone asks: there will be 3 versions as well for it)
~ Eat a sweet roll and actually play the darn game


All the meshes and textures contained in the mod are mine. To clarify: the meshes and textures were vanilla resources that I have modified. You may not modify/alter them. Period. I cannot stop you from doing so in your own computer - nor do I have any desire to, but can and will do everything possible to stop you from posting them elsewhere online.

Know how? I'll sic Alduin on you!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What You CANNOT Do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This will remain a nexus exclusive mod, no exceptions. (unless something ground breaking happens - I doubt it). This means, you may not upload, re-upload, post, etc., etc., this armour anywhere else on the internet. Please don't ask for permission either, as I will say no.

To those who I said in my previous version I might give you permission to post elsewhere when the armour was finalized, I will contact you personally to let you know the new deal.

Sorry, but I just don't want to deal with all the mess that comes with posting in multiple places.

~~~~~~~~~~What You CAN Do~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~ You may, if you want (I cannot imagine someone would want to though ... ) link to this mod page from elsewhere, provided that the linking from that site to this one is acceptable by the moderators (also in the reverse direction). YOU CANNOT POST ANYTHING FROM THE MOD ITSELF - YOU CAN ONLY POST A HYPERLINK. Ok ... all caps down. Peace.

~ You may make a translation of the mod, but can post it only here in Nexus - you don't need my permission for this, but send me a PM please if you are going to, with a link to your mod. However, please read ahead: Only for that purpose, you may re-post the '.esp' file, but YOU CANNOT RE-POST THE MOD RESOURCES (i.e. Meshes, textures, etc.).

~ Once the mod is finalized for ADEC, I will either work on converting it for other bodies, or let others handle it.


~Acdale ofcourse, for the amazing ADEC body. Please go check out his work and endorse the body replacer:
~XP32 for his XPMS skeleton:
~Nexus for allowing mod makers to post stuff & keep the site going. Seriously, they should be thanked more! How they keep this site going working with so many users is beyond me.

Bethesda of course, for creating an awesome game that lets you change and play it like you want to. And for giving us Irileth and her evil eye.