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Skyrim is a land of Blacksmiths. The Nords are praised and boasted for their legendary crafting skills and all over Tamriel, the tales of their prowess at the forge are known. Yet, for all of this, not a single smith in the game will bother to craft a shoehorn for you. No amount of coaxing, bribery or coercing, will bend their will. They are determined. It is as if they've joined a secret organization which sole purpose is to deprive you, the poor adventurer, from proper, adequate protection.
And let's not mention the unhinged mages at Winterhold that according to themselves, make a living by enchanting things for the Nords and yet refuse to even acknowledge your most trivial enchanting needs.
This mod is a humble attempt at changing this conspiracy.
Smiths will offer to craft and temper your equipment. You must bring them the materials and they must have enough skill to be able to work with the metals you request. Different NPCs will have different skill levels. I didn't change this. Their skill remains whatever Skyrim or your mods have set. It is possible however, to customize this through the MCM menu.

Once your order is ready you will be able to retrieve your equipment. If you don't have enough money or you simply don't want to take it all, the smith will save the modified equipment for you. You won't be able to place any new orders until you have paid for the the current one though.

Any NPC belonging to the vanilla Smith's faction will be able to craft or temper your equipment. That doesn't include Smiths from Dawnguard or DragonBorn but it's very easy to make the mod recognize them, or any other cutom NPC you have, as blacksmiths. See the Notes below.
In contrast to the Smith Faction that has quite a lot of members, the vanilla Enchanting Faction has only two, Sergius Turrianus in Winterhold and Hamal in Markarth. As a result, you can choose, through the MCM menu, to let any NPC that is already offering services and has an enchanting skill greater than 25 to offer Enchanting services. That includes followers. Similar to Smithing, you must bring the right materials, i.e the equipment to extract the enchantment from and an adequate soul gem.
The price of the enchanting, crafting or tempering will be influenced by your barter skills. In fact, when paying for the services your barter skill will improve as it would with any other transaction. Mods that change the economy will also change the Crafting and Enchanting prices and all the money you pay for your equipment will go straight to the vendor's inventory so you can sell your loot and get some of that $$$ back. Remember to wear clothes and keep your weapon drawn when paying for your upgrades to avoid getting a higher price.

When using major overhauls that add extra perks to the game, NPCs may not have maximum crafting/enchanting capabilities. i.e they will not be able to temper enchant items with the same quality you could at max level. This is because they only have access to vanilla perks. In requiem, NPCs will not have access to the Legendary Blacksmith Perk, though they have access to all enchanting perks. In SkyRe, NPCs will be at a severe disadvantage compared to a max skilled player, since I added the bare minimum perks to the patch.

Additional Notes:
* It's only possible to enchant or temper at most 128 items at a time. Crafting its unlimited.
* Only one item of the same type can be tempered or enchanted at the same time. If you give more, they will automatically be returned to you.
* When paying for crafted arrows, if you can only afford to pay for a few, the price of the remaining bunch will revert to their normal cost. Buy them all at once to avoid this.
* Smiths will offer crafting services as long as their package tells them to work at the forge(Usually from 8:00AM to 8:00PM). Don't expect
to barge into their door at 1:00AM thinking they will take your order.
* At present, the time needed to process your inventory will increase exponentially with the number of items. It may take 10 seconds or more depending
on he amount of items you have, please be patient.

Making the mod recognize custom NPCs as smiths or enchanters.
By default, any NPC belonging to the vanilla blacksmith or enchanting faction will be recognized as such. If you find a blacksmith or enchanter that isn't recognized, i.e there's no dialog offering crafting services, you can add them to the respective faction by opening the console (press the " ` "  key), clicking on them and typing: setFactionRank 5091d 0  for the blacksmith faction and setFactionRank e3a5b 0  for the enchanter faction.
Compatibility and load order
This mod is compatible with any and all mods. That includes major crafting overhauls, Loot and degradation, Requiem, etc, etc.
The only exception is SKyRe. While not "incompatible", due to SkyRe adding many new perks to the game some of the mod's functionality is reduced. To address this I've added an optional file with SkyRe as a master that includes some essential perks. You must load this file after SkyRe. For the regular file, load order is irrelevant.

TES Skyrim v1.9.32.0
SKSE 1.7.1 or later
Thanks to the SKSE team for their immensely useful SKSE. Specially Purple Launch Box who implemented the required functions I needed to get this going.
Thanks to Dienes and MrJack for all their help. These guys rock.
Thanks to the authors of the myriad of posts I perused  on the Beth forums while looking for answers and Bethesda for implementing a decent search tool on their forums.

This project is nothing but a temporary fix until MrJack finishes his much bigger mod Project Ilmarinen
Which will address all the issues I touch here and add a plethora of new and immersive features.
Until then, enjoy!