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Seeing that there was interest in Triss's armor I thought of creating a character based on Triss.
This is the closest we can get to a Triss look like character with the vanilla character creator,so until some mods with new eye shapes or hair styles comes out,it's the best it can get.
The race chosen is obviously a Breton,and the save is very early on the game,so you can skill up your character the way you want.
When mods with new assets come out,and if some of those new assets can be used to make Skyrim's Triss look more like Witcher's Triss,I will ask permission to use them so I can update the file
offering a more look alike character.
Until then have fun! :D

Place the save file at your Skyrim saves directory.
It usually is in Documents/My Games/Skyrim/Saves

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