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Added: 10/02/2014 - 04:28AM
Updated: 19/02/2014 - 11:00AM

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Last updated at 11:00, 19 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 4:28, 10 Feb 2014

  • Reverted back to original method to re-equip NPCs.


Should be compatible with everything.


Required: Skyrim

Optional: SKSE 1.6.5+
SKSE is only needed for the equipment features to work and configuration through SkyUI's MCM.


  • Friendly NPCs will switch their equipment to naked or robed before getting into bed in interiors.
  • Hostile NPCs such as bandits, warlocks, etc. in interiors will switch their equipment to naked or "Keep Chest" and can now be found sleeping at night as opposed to having the same schedule 24/7.
  • While sleeping there is a chance NPCs will begin to snore.
  • Sleeping NPCs will take 3X more damage if struck. Sitting NPCs take 2X more damage.
  • Follower support can be toggled off. A 'Sleep Tight, Good Night Story' book can be crafted at a tanning rack with 1 ruined book then given to a specific follower to exempt him/her from this mod without turning this feature off for all followers.

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Manual installers drop the files into your Data folder. NMM/BAIN: download the main file and add to your respective programs.


Remove all files from the previous version and install the new version.


Make a save outside then remove all installed files.