Rama_s Colorful Female_Male Dragonscale Dragon Light Armor by Rama
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Another Mod by me:

Rama's Perfect Female Skin Mod

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Dragonscale Light Dragon Armor (Craftable) Mod Info

Updated Version 1.3

Added a colorful version of the Dragonscale Shield, see pics.

This download is just the shield, download version 1.2 below from the "downloads" section, the female and male, extra color version, for the rest of the set.

Review information below for installation instructions.


Updated Version 1.2

Female and Male Dragonscale Light Dragon Armor (all together in one file)

with _more color_

(This is the only recommend version for everyone)

If you find the colors are too intense, then try the older versions.

I realized that my original mod was based on my unusual monitor settings, the latest version uses standard monitor settings.

I am keeping the older versions in case people want the option for a slightly less colorful version.

I suggest you try this most recent version first, and if it is too colorful, try my older versions,

remember the older male depends on the first female version.

And if you want even MORE color, well ask me in the comments section :)


Updated Version 1.1

Added male dragonscale armor (the Light Dragon Armor that comes with Skyrim and which you can craft if you retain the dragon bones and scales from defeating dragons).

You must download the female version as well to get the full male armor set changed.

The female version is complete unto itself.

This is a very small download size, so if it seems to download instantly, that is a good thing :)



click on the Images subsection, which is a mountain with numbers below it, and click on the tab in the upper right of the subsection that appears that says "from users"

Thanks go to N.M.I. for these pics :)


Adding Pics of Your Own

If anyone else wants to add pics,

its the two-rectangle icon below the version number near top of this page

I will verify your pics post-inspection which may take awhile depending on my schedule.



This is a risk-free mod, no original game files are modified.

See the instructions for the female dragon armor install/uninstall for more details



Version 1.0

Rama's Colorful Female Dragonscale Light Dragon Armor Mod

This is a very light-weight mod, of only 4 files and 579 KB (as a download), less than 1 MB.

The recommend version (1.2), which is the top-most file in the downloads section, uses 5 files and is still very small in size.

This mod is something I made because I thought the female dragonscale, the light dragon armor, was too dull in color.

This version is MUCH more colorful!

This mod also has more green in it, reminiscent of a real dragon.

The helmet is my personal favorite, it is filled with very nice colors.

Playing with this version of the dragon armor makes me happy every time I see it!



Note on the Pictures for this Mod:

Depending on your monitor color settings and game settings your perception of the colors of my mod will vary, if you find you need a more colorful version do let me know :)

For less colorful, try the older files

* * *

So please try my mod for yourself to see how it will look on your computer with your settings.

I cannot show you pictures that will give you a completely accurate representation of how it will look on your machine, so try it out :)

Fortunately, my mod is easy to install/uninstall.




* * *

No-Risk Install

This mod is easy to undo if you don't like it.

This mod does not damage or alter any original installation files


To Install

Copy the zipped folder series, starting with "Data" into the _same directory as your TESV.exe file_, probably in:

c:\program files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim

To get to the location I am describing, start by going to your computer's main hard drive, probably C:\ using My Computer, then click on the hard drive, then go to program files and follow the above path.

There might already be a Data folder in your main Skyrim directory, if you have any other mods.

When copying the file structure for this mod, starting with Data, select the option to overwrite any duplicate files.

If you already have a modified version of the female dragonscale armor, see below for how to test this mod without affecting your prior modified Skyrim.

Remember there are only four files inside the series of folders in the zipped download, so selecting "overwrite any duplicates" will only effect a maximum of 4 (or 5 for version 1.2) files.

Sorry for the lack of nexus download manager support at present, you should learn to do these things directly though, it will become more important to be intimately familiar with your Skyrim file structure once the Creation Kit comes out.

You need to know how modding works yourself so you can undo anything other people's mods do to your skyrim file structure, because they won't always tell you how to undo the damage.


How Modding Works

* * *

This is essential information for you to know so that you are in charge of your Skyrim Reality.

* * *

Our friends at Bethesda were so nice to make modding so easy.

Basically, any files you put into a folder called Data, in your root Skyrim folder where "TESV.exe" is located will be preferred by Skyrim when it launches.

Skyrim dynamically checks the contents of your custom Data folder each time you load Skyrim.

So to see changes you've made to your Data folder you have to quit and re-launch Skyrim.

To undo any mods, you go into the Data file structure and delete the appropriate files.

If you don't have a "Data" folder you can make one.

Most likely you do have a Data folder if you've found this mod of mine :)

The reason mods can have conflicts is because sometimes mods modify the same files in the Data file structure, and Skyrim can only pick one version of that file to use at a time.


How to Test a New Mod Easily, Wile Preserving Your Previous Modded Skyrim Settings

If you want to test a mod, rename existing files that you do not wish to overwrite permanently, and try the new mod that modifies those same files.

If you don't like the new mod you tried, delete the files and rename the originals.

For example, if you already have a hypothetical file named in your Data folder structure, you can rename it to filename.back and then try my mod which has its own version of

This way, you can easily undo my mod by deleting the new and renaming the backup that you made.


What Are .DDS Files?

To view/edit .dds files, download, it is free


How Can I Access Skyrim's Original Textures, Models/Meshes, and All other Game Data?

To extract files from Skyrim's core .bsa files,

google search for ""

or "FO3 archive utility"

FO3 = FallOut 3

This is how you can view the entire file structure of all meshes, textures, and everything else for Skyrim, extract, and play with these files.

Then move these files to the Data folder as I describe above to try your own mods.



This Mod is compatible with all Armor model/mesh modifying mods that do not actually change the textures as well.

This Mod is compatible with all other mods that have nothing to do with dragonscale armor.

This Mod is not compatible with any mods that modify the female dragonscale / light dragon armor textures.


To Uninstall

1. Navigate to your main skyrim dir where TESV.exe is located, probably c:\program files(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/ (no x86 for XP users)

2. Navigate to Data/Textures/armor/dragonscale

3. delete these 4 files:

if you're using version 1.2, which I do recommend, also delete:

(the male version)

Other Mods Used in the pictures:

Bella's Prettier Female Faces Mod

Many thanks to her for enhancing my Skyrim experience!


Victory to You All!