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Insane Potions Poisons and Others


Insane Potions Poisons and Others is a modification that changing size of potions, poisons and other bottles in game by replacing the original meshes.
On a more "insane" that is now all are transparent and you can see their content.

Modification does not contain any *.esp *.esm files replaces only the *.nif, so is compatible with almost any modification which edits potions or poisons and replaces textures.

Can be installed and uninstalled at any time without any complications.
(Wrye Bash and Nexus Mod Manager after uninstalling restores previously replaced files)

Installer is compatible with Wrye Bash and Nexus Mod Manager.

If you like what I did, go back and support me.
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I tried to do everything as best I can.
If you notice any mistakes, errors please let me know.
Comments, suggestions, pictures, any feedback etc... greatly appreciated.

Work In Progress.

I started doing a new version, which will contain esp.
The advantage is that each of the bottles will be different and unique.

(Click the image to enlarge)

For more information about the upcoming update. <---> Click me

(I assume that in two weeks I'm done.)
TRACK for updates.

3DMAX 2012
3DS MAX NIF Plugin by Wix
Team and community

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I will not allow for distribution of this modification on other sites.