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This is my first Mod. Please be nice when commenting. Remember, I don't work for you. If you don't like don't use. If you like, please let me know. 


                         *****DAWNGUARD DLC REQUIRED*****

Please indicate which patrol has issues, so I can resolve any problems faster.


Optional (NOT REQUIRED): Use CLOAKS OF SKYRIM -DAWNGUARD by Noodles, if you want to have cloaks show up on this mod. If not, no cloaks. Great mod.

**************************NOT COMPATIBLE WITH**************************

1) "Camps in Skyrim" by jet4571. (One camp is where my stable is). Delete camp in CK or TESVedit to play nice. Load my mod below in load order.

2) "When Vampires Attack" and "Run For Your Lives" by Arthmoor. (If you don't like the occasional horse appearing inside Inns). I use "Everyone Is Essential -NPCs Protected" by Sardaukar9791.

**************************LOAD ORDER*************************************

-You can keep this pretty low. It only adds new NPCs to the game.


This mod adds mounted Dawnguard Hunter patrols to Tamriel and Fort Dawnguard exterior. The riders are accompanied by armored huskies. If one or more die in a group, the rest will still follow each other. Horses will patrol by themselves if rider dies. All Hunters and dogs respawn. No mounted combat (beyond my comprehension). Riders will dismount to attack. Stable and 3 tents added near Dawnguard entrance. Named Leaders are essential.

For patrols near the stable, the horses will return if the rider dies. These 2 patrols will return to the stable and the riders will sandbox there at different times.


Dawnguard entrance:

- 1 Dawnguard Stable to the right
- 1 Dawnguard, dog, tent, bedroll, and chair are added to each side near road
- 1 Dawnguard leader (Edmonius) in front with chair who will travel to tents, to stable and to Stendarr's Beacon (chair added there)
- 2 Dawnguard, 2 dogs, large tent, bedrolls, and chair added near border gate

Dawnguard Stable:

- 1 Stable Master (Gregor) and Stable Dog

Fort Dawnguard exterior:

- 1 Dawnguard and chair
- 1 tall Dawnguard (Samson) and 1 large husky (King) patrolling together

Fort Dawnguard:

- 3 Dawnguard and 3 cots
- 2 Isran bodyguards



---------------------------------------------------ORIGINAL VERSION-----------------------LITE VERSION

Riverwood to Whiterun --------------------- 2 riders and 3 dogs ------------------- 1 rider and 2 dogs
Riften to Ivarstead -------------------------- 3 riders and 4 dogs ------------------- 1 rider and 2 dogs
Markarth to Solitude ------------------------ 3 riders and 4 dogs ------------------- 1 rider and 2 dogs
Morthal to Dawnstar ------------------------ 3 riders and 4 dogs ------------------- 1 rider and 2 dogs
Windhelm to Winterhold ------------------- 3 riders and 4 dogs ------------------- 1 rider and 2 dogs
Falkreath to Rorikstead -------------------- 3 riders and 4 dogs ------------------- 1 rider and 2 dogs
Dawnguard Entrance ------------------------ 2 riders and 3 dogs ------------------- 1 rider and 2 dogs
Dawnguard Stable to Snow-Shod farm --- Vilnius and 3 elite -------------------- Vilnius and 1 elite
Fort Dawnguard Exterior ------------------- 1 rider and 2 dogs -------------------- 1 rider and 2 dogs


Use NMM. Add/remove files and ESP manually if need be.

For new versions: Deactivate and then delete old version. Make clean save. Then, activate new version. Load clean save.
I believe this is the safest way.


Should not conflict with anything unless another mod adds objects where I added tents, chairs, cots, and stable.



Version 1.7 - Adjusted Riften patrol to avoid entering city
Version 1.6 - New follow packages - removed stable grass
Version 1.5 - Navmeshed - tent and guards added - adjusted factions - adjusted AI packages.
Version 1.4 - Fixes floating chair - Adds 2 Isran bodyguards and 3 Dawnguard to Fort Dawnguard.
Version 1.3 - Fixes faction issues - Adds armor to elite patrol and Samson.
Version 1.2 - Adds Dawnguard Stable, Stable Master, Stable Dog and Elite Dawnguard horse patrol - Restores missing Dawnguard faction - Changes names.
Version 1.1 - Fixed missing Dawnguard saddles.
Version 1.0 - Original Dawnguard horse patrols.


Version 1.7 - 1 rider and 2 dogs in each mounted patrol


More Saddles by Laup26 for Dawnguard saddle. Love these saddles.

Convenient Horses by Alek for being very accessible and helpful. Best horse mod period.

MASKS OF SKYRIM by Zemaria for hooded masks:
(SpartanXIII90 - for the hood meshes for the females.)
(TH3WICK3D1 - ported many assets from The Witcher to Skyrim.)
-----> <-----

THE MAD MASKER by Vicn for hat:
-----> <-----

Nexus Mod community for being inspired.

Bethesda for great game.



-Adds 491 or 208 guards to the game.
-Adds 226 guards with ETaC compatible version.
-Guards respawn.