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Added: 06/02/2014 - 06:04PM
Updated: 15/02/2015 - 07:41PM

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Last updated at 19:41, 15 Feb 2015 Uploaded at 18:04, 6 Feb 2014


After a long hiatus of me only making weapons, I give you my fifth armor mod. It is my design, for the first time, though it still draws inspiration from other artwork and games like Assassin's Creed.

It comes with HD textures (as if you couldn't tell) and as always it is craftable at any forge, can be improved and can be enchanted. You can find it under LEATHER.

I've also made an optional texture set that makes the shirt and shawl black and gives the leather a darker tone. It is not the intended look for the armor, but I think it fits very well with this outfit's theme and is a good alternative if you don't like red that much :). Other recolors are also available.

The CBBE version requires the CBBEv3 body replacer:

The UNP version requires the UNP body replacer:

The SevenBase version requires the 7B body replacer

The CBPE version requires CBPE, or CBBE:

The UNP BBP version requires :


1.Extract the archive
2.Copy the contents of the archive in your SkyrimData folder
3.Open the Skyrim launcher and check the ScaletDawnArmor.esp in the Data Files section
*4. If you like the black textures (or any other recolor) than you need the main file installed. After that overwrite the main file's textures with your texture color of choice.


1.Uncheck the esp plugin
2.Delete all files that came with the mod

Known Issues

- The weight slider on the CBBE version is not supported, the armor uses the minimum body weight
- Rigging issues like clipping (especially with the shawl). I have tried my best (before getting bored) rigging this armor and it is beyond my skill to get this to look much better. This will probably never get fixed/better unless someone else does it.


Thanks to Bethesda for an amazing game
Thanks to The Nexus for hosting this mod
Thanks to Caliente for the CBBE body
Thanks to dimon99 for the UNP body
Thanks to Crosscrusade, DeMoNhUnTeR1986, Sevennity, Wast1980 for SevenBase
Thanks to kayinv for the armor name
Thanks to maymay1588, zzjay for making the UNP conversion
Thanks to Shockero for making the 7B conversion
Thanks to Nikitaa for CBPE and converting the armor to CBPE
Thanks to refat for the UNPB conversion

Tools Used

Autodesk 3Ds Max 2010
Zbrush 4R6
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Headus UVlayout
Marmoset Toolbag
Creation kit