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Naruto Rinnegan Overhaul aka Six Paths of Pain by GlarionLeChef
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Added: 05/02/2014 - 08:49PM
Updated: 09/03/2014 - 06:44PM

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Uploaded by GlarionLeChef


Last updated at 18:44, 9 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 20:49, 5 Feb 2014

For now it is still a WIP and might have a few errors.
All the items can be taken from Dragonsreach (in Farengar's lab) although they need to be stolen (but hey, you're a ninja aren't you ?).

Stay tuned for new versions because I will update regularly !

So, here's what it adds for the moment :

Shinra Tensei : Pushes away target in front of you, dealing some damage.
Bansho Tenin : Pulls target towards you.

Shoot Great Missile : Shoots a missile from your arm, dealing enormous damage. If dual-cast, can even one-shot a mammoth !

Remove Soul : Tears the soul of someone out of their body. It's a one-hit kill but has short distance, costs a lot of magicka and takes about 5 seconds to cast. Also captures the soul of the victim. In the future I will try to make a "read mind" effect to match what it does in the actual manga/anime.

Summon Giant Dog : Summons a giant dog, for now it only does damage but I'm working on making him split as he loses life.
Summon Giant Bull : Summons a giant bull that charges people and deals massive damage.
Summon Giant Hound (Dawnguard only !) : Same as the giant dog, except he has the rinnegan. I'll try to disable his red glowing eyes, or turn them to purple glowing eyes.

Absorb Spells : Basically, it's a concentration spells that gives you 100% Spell Absorb when active, so any spell will make you no damage and recharge your magicka. It costs very little magicka.

Self Restoration : It's basically a better Fast Healing spell with cool effects. Also regenerates your stamina if you have the Respite perk.

The famous jutsu Nagato uses to revive everybody he killed. In game, it's a resurrect spell (not reanimate, which means it does the same thing as the "resurrect" console command).

Almost all of the above spells have custom sound from the anime.
There is also the black rod which all Paths use to attack. It also has a custom sound and an "absorb magicka" enchantment, because whenever they use it in the anime, the target's chakra is absorbed and/or disturbed.

EDIT : Fixed the outer path resurrection, should now work properly. Also this mod features a Rinnegan, so if you wanna try it out just open your console, type "showracemenu" and then change to the selected eyes (or use whatever other technique to show the race menu).

- Fixed the fact that Gedo : Rinne Tensei was a hostile spell
- Added a spell for the Asura path, Shurado
- Added Bansho Ten'in
- Added Giant Bull Animal path summoning
- Added Giant Death Hound animal path summoning for Dawnguard users, as requested
- Added a non-enchanted version of the chakra rod.
- fixed some bugs there and there

The idea of this mod, and what it contains, is inspired on Masashi Kishimoto's manga and/or its anime adaptation. I do NOT own any of these.

Have fun !