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Insane Bows and Crossbows Sizes


This modification changes thickness of all bows and crossbows in vanilla game and both DLC by ~25 or ~50 percent.
(depending on the options selected during installation)

Does not contain any plugin (*.esp *.esm) replaces only meshes (*.nif) files, so is compatible with any modification which edits bows and replaces textures but does not change meshes.

It can be installed and uninstalled at any time without any complications.
(NMM after uninstalling restores previously replaced files)

Installers are compatible with Wrye Bash and Nexus Mod Manager.

Manual Installation unpack and see for yourself :P

I play Skyrim using first-person view 95 percent of time.
In skyrim there is no possibility of effectively shooting and hitting the target other than the view from the first person .
(personal opinion)
And just for the view from first-person I created this modification.

If you like what I did, go back and endorse.
This is the best way to thank me for my work.

I tried to do everything as best I can.
If you notice any mistakes, errors please let me know.
Comments, suggestions, pictures, any feedback etc... greatly appreciated.

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While De-LARP changing swords, daggers and axes but unfortunately it does not add full scabbards to all swords.
So installing De-LARP first then Better Shaped Weapons which will replace the swords but axes and daggers are from De-LARP.
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It is these modifications inspired me to create Insane Bows and Crossbows Sizes.

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Work In Progress

Update 23-06-2014

Patch for Skyrim Redone by T3nd0.
SOON (Temporarily version 1.2 is available)
SNIPER BOW PACK - Collection of Scoped Bows by OutLaw666
Patch for Recurve Longbows by Grantiz

In preparation guide on how to properly import meshes to 3DS MAX, edit, save as *. Nif file, and properly put together in NifSkope.

Thank you all for kind words.

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T3nd0s Skyrim Redone by T3nd0
Recurve Longbows by Grantiz
jet4571 for tutorial made at my request and for help with the new version (1.3)
Trueno33 for finding and reporting bug that caused the disappearance of bows after dropping them to the ground.)
3DMAX 2012
3DS MAX NIF Plugin by Wix
Team and community

Tutorial made at my request by the jet4571.
Thank you jet4571.


Bethesda probably looked at what other games have been doing like MMO's all copying WoW's choice to make weapons huge and ofcourse in anime it's common. Makes the weapons look like crap as far as i am concerned. (it is difficult to disagree InsanePlumber)

1. Download and install NifSkope from
2. Load one of the skeletons into NifSkope.
3. Zoom in around the waist and click one of the nodes(bone) that is attached to the pelvis bone but has no others connected to it. On the left hand window it will expand a tree and highlight what you selected. Hopefully you selected a weapon bone.
4. Once you have a weapon bone selected right click the highlighted text in the left hand window and select Transform then Edit. A new window will pop up.
5. On the bottom of the new window there is Scale with some numbers below it.
6. Edit those numbers. 1 is the default value Bethesda had set. 0 makes the weapon disappear and does some crazy stuff with the animation. So try a number like 0.8500 or 0.9000.
7. Hit accept when you have the scale set to what you want.
8. In the left window again select one of the other 4 weapon bones and repeat the scaling for them. You can use the same scale or completely different.
9. Back to the render window find a similar set of weapon bones for the weapons equiped on the back. and in the left window repeat the same process as you did for the hip attached weapons.
10. Once all you want to rescale is done click file and save as. Save it the same name as it was.
11. enter the game and equip something in each slot to see how it looks, if its too small or too big change it again.
12. When you are satisfied with how they look change each of the 3 remaining skeletons weapon bones to match the one you did.

The weapon bones to rescale are named and the scales I used:
1. WeaponAxe 0.8000
2. WeaponBack 0.8000
3. WeaponBow 0.8000
4. WeaponDagger 0.8000
5. WeaponMace 0.8000
6. WeaponSword 0.9500
7. QUIVER 0.8000

Daggers could be increased in size maybe, but then again some of those daggers are as a big as a sword lol. Don't modify anything else than those bones I listed unless you already know what you are doing.

For the bones that the weapons connect to the hands are:
1. AnimObjectL
2. AnimObjectR

Magic is:
1. NPC L MagicNode [LMag]
2. NPC R MagicNode [RMag]

I believe you can rescale those as well but I don't see a point really I think they look fine when being held. and magic is probably scaled via the spell or spell effect anyway.

Test a variety of weapons in each slot, some are bigger than others like Ebony weapons tend to be huge. The weapons themselves have the same bone in its .nif so if you want to go nuts you can download BSA Opt and unpack the .bsa files and modify all the weapons so some of the huge ones will be more realisticly scaled in theory.

I will not allow for distribution of this modification on other sites.