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This is my first attempt at a custom race i have created the cross breed NordKhajit

Story -:

A Bad experiment went wrong after the collapse of the Winterhold college and the result was this crossbreed of Nord and Khajit only recently escaped from captivity they seek to earn there place in society and prove there worth even though they were never meant to be, A strong agile race which due to the cross breed start with more magika & health than other races and can carry more by default but do they also carry the good & bad of both mother races...

Skill Bonus -:

Two-Handed = 10
Lockpicking = 5
Sneak = 5
Smithing = 5
Speech = 5
Heavy Armor = 5
Pickpocket = 7

Starting Health = 80
Starting Magika = 70
Starting Stamina = 60
Base Carry Weight = 375

Specials -:

Perk Merchant
Perk Silence
Power Nord BattleCry
Resist Frost

Should be usable to convert to vampire and warewolf if infected in usual ways if i managed to compile correctly, Hope you enjoy please leave any feedback......

Requires -:

ApachiiHairFemales -
RaceCompatibility - Included