Aranya Preset for CharGen and ECE by StephieRawx
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Please read the description and requirements before downloading.

This is a CharGen preset and a slot file for ECE of Aranya from my mod Elven Follower Aranya.

Requirements for CharGen Preset:
RaceMenu by Expired
Nouserheres Ears by Badmagic
(If you want Aranya to have the elven ears you will need this, they're equipable ears you make at the forge. Aranya wears Ears06)

Requirements ECE Slot File:
Enhanced Character Edit

How to install:
For ECE Slot File:
Download manually and extract the slot file to your Documents/My Games/Skyrim/CME_save
Start Skyrim and go into the character creation menu. Load slot number, Slot 1.

For CharGen preset:
Use NMM or extract to your data folder.
Go into showracemenu,
Set sex to female and make sure the slider for the Preset Slot is on slot 1,
Than hit F9 to load the preset.

Textures are not included, so you will need to download some.
I use SG Female Textures Renewal by Hello Santa in the screenshots.
In Elven Follower Aranya I used Women of Skyrim by zzjay.
You can use any textures you want though :)

Aranya's hair is from SG hairpack, it is not on Nexus.
You will have to google "SG hairpack" to download it.
The name of the hair Aranya uses is called Gantz.
Or you can use any hair you want.

Vividian - Weather - Lighting and Climates of Tamriel Enhancement by Mangaclub

Have fun! and feel free to add your screenshots! :)

Expired - RaceMenu and CharGen Extension
tktk1 for Enhanced Character Edit