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WINTERHOLD was ruined nearly 80 ago -- it's time to rebuild.

NEW MERCHANTS include a blacksmith, an apothecary (etc.), and a new general goods store. Each of these merchants brings to Winterhold approx. 25k septims of buying power and has items worth buying.

CONSTRUCTION is quest-driven; you won't see a new town right after installing the mod. To see the town rebuilt, lend a hand to the lead carpenter Avis. He works outside from 6am to 8pm. At night you can find him in the Frozen Hearth Inn. Only the town will be rebuilt, no college property will be changed.

PLAYER HOME purchase will be an option, but not mandatory. Coldstone Manor is simple, affordable, and matches the town. By popular request there is a potential follower in the cellar by default. If you don't like this, simply open the console, click on her and type DISABLE. (Same can be done with the dremora in Winterhold Thaumaturgy without breaking anything.)

AVIS: This mod has a .seq file contained within so that the quest-giver Avis will speak when spoken to. If for some odd reason he does not, save the game, restart the game and try again. The .seq file is contained within all downloads. The loose file under "optional" is for people who are getting the mod from Steam, etc.

COMPATIBILITY: Will not work mods that edit the 4 ruined houses of Winterhold. I cannot help you with other compatibility questions, because I don't use other Winterhold mods.

DL CHOICES: Please choose only ONE of the versions of this mod. I suggest the .bsa version because the whole mod is contained in just a couple files. The other choices are "loose files" versions: merchants have 25k gold max., or no more than 10k gold.

INSTALLATION: Download and open the .zip file. Place the DATA folder into your SKYRIM folder, click "yes" to merge folders, etc. Use NMM to install if you like.

Chinese version.

DISCLAIMER: This mod may not jibe with your ideals on lore, immersion, or normalcy.