Winterhold Rebuild by QaxeQaixaci
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This stand-alone version of Winterhold Rebuild is available in S.S.E. and is part of
(Also available for SSE.)

WINTERHOLD was ruined nearly 80 ago. Isn't it odd that no one has rebuilt it yet?

DISCLAIMER: This mod may not jibe with your ideals on lore, immersion, or normalcy.

CONSTRUCTION is quest-driven; you won't see a new town right after installing the mod. To see the town rebuilt, lend a hand to the lead carpenter Avis. He works outside on one of the buildings being rebuilt from 6am to 8pm. At night you can find him in the Frozen Hearth Inn. Only the town will be rebuilt, no college property will be changed. Avis is hard to hear over background fx/music, I recommend turning background music down.

PLAYER HOME purchase will be an option, but not mandatory. Coldstone Manor is simple, affordable, and matches the town. The housecarl has her own room in the cellar, separated from your living space.

NEW MERCHANTS include a blacksmith, an apothecary (etc.), and a new general goods store. The merchants are protected, but not essential.

COMPATIBILITY: Will not work mods that edit the 4 ruined houses of Winterhold -- such as Expanded Winterhold Destruction. ICoW works great.

PATCHES: Immersive NPCs and ETaC both have patches to play with other Winterhold mods.

XHEM WON'T TALK! He speaks in my game. This is a conflict with one of your other mods. Xhem is a vampire. Perhaps you have a mod that keeps the player from interacting with vampires?

DL and INSTALLATION: Please choose only ONE of the versions of this mod. I recommend trying the archived ".bsa version" first because the whole mod is contained in just a couple files. Place the .esp and .bsa files in your Skyrim/DATA folder. If you experience trouble with Avis not speaking, then remove the mod from your DATA folder, and use Nexus Mod Manager to install the loose files version.


COMPLAINTS: I am happy to share my mods with you for free, however refrain from complaining to me because my mod didn't provide you with the precise type or degree of pleasure you hoped for. I don't work for you. Be thankful for free mods, free music, free video, free porn, free email. Don't like it? Don't use it.

CRAVE MORE ADVENTURE? Qaxe Questorium puts all of my best mods into ONE plugin!
Icicle Valley, Ol Arrow Knee, Mt. Peril, Clearspire, Winterhold Rebuild, and Whitewater Falls.

PERMISSIONS: This mod was provided by the author as a free service and is the creative property of the author. The author does not give permission to post edits, renditions, modifications, fixes, (etc.) of this mod to this or any other website(s). Translations into French and Chinese were given permission. :)