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Last updated at 20:32, 26 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 4:44, 1 Jan 2012

NOTE : This Mod is no longer supported

Secret Of The Dwemer : Mini Scavenger Quest

Collect four books to allow you to craft a legendary Dwemer Greatsword.

The books can be found around Skyrim (specific places - not random) and once you have all four the Greatsword will become craftable at a smithing station. Breezehome will be the starting point, looks like you wasn't in when the courier arrived.

The new Greatsword is a modestly retextured and altered Dwarven Slayer. See(

{Note : The original Dwarven Slayer is included in this Mod, however it doesn't seem to play nice with the original .esp. If you already have the original then you will need to have both esp installed to keep you sword}

I don't really want to say too much about the mod and just let you all play with it and let me know what you think. It's too easy to just install a new weapon and use it, thought it might be nice to have a little hunting to do first. I will be checking the comments to see if there are any issues or improvement you'd like me to make, so suggestions are welcome. I've tested this Mod the best I can so hopefully it should work as intended.

v3.2 - Changed the location of the last book (due to alot of people having trouble finding it)
- Fixed weapons not being upgradable
- Rebalanced weapon stats

v3.1 - Added missing scripts ;P

v3.0 - Rebuilt using the CK
- Created an actual quest that will show up in log
- Letter/Note will now be delivered by courier when loading up your game

v2.0 - Big overhaul (new version)
- improved text in books
- books now contain a clue to the next books location
- changed locations of books
- better quest starting point (inspiration from Shawkab's Questattempt mod)
- fixed texture on new weapon

v1.1 - Small adjustment for balance

v1.0 - Initial Release


Install using NexusModManager or manually add the files to your Skyrim install /data folder.


Ghogiel - Original Dwarven Slayer meshes and textures
Hel Borne - Original meshes and textures of new Dwemer weapons
Fearabbit - new textures for Hel Bornes weapons
Zu - various tweaks, new icons, and merging everything together
Cokla - Dwarven Slayer Skyrim import
lichy123 - Help with Quest ideas

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