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This mod will try to bring some of the most famous creepypasta's into skyrim. Some that I Plan on putting in this mod will be. Jeff the killer, Slenderman, Ben, The Rake, Smile dog, and Eyeless Jack. Keep in mind that this mod is still very much in development and this is my first mod so if you don't like the one that I Have available now you should suggest me one so I can try to make it. I will also include a link that to a youtube video that tells you the story to the creepypasta under the follower description.

This mod requires:
Dwemer Goggles and Scouter:
Bosmer Armor Pack:
Short Dress for CBBE:

Mods That I Reccomend are
ELFX to add the scary aspect to dungeons: />The Sounds of skyrim adds new sounds that should be in the vanilla game and make dungeons scarier: />
If You Don't like sounds of skyrim you could try Audio overhaul:
I Would also reccomend downloading a body mod for my later to come followers like Jane of Jeff so they don't look bad.
Warning These files contain adult content.

The Body mod I Reccomend for females: If you don't like this one you can always use Sevnbase or UNP.

The Body I Reccomend for males:
Warning extreme adult content in that last one.

All of the creepypasta followers can be found in the dark bootherhood sanctuary because that's where killer's go.

The Followers:/>Ticci Toby/>The Story of Ticci Toby Says that after butchering his dad he ran away with his dad's two hatchets. Since there weren't any hatchets in skyrim I Equipped him with the closest thing to a hatchet, a war axe. The War Axe Is Enchanted for A Drain Effect. His Story Can Be Found Here: I had a bug with him in the creation kit so now it will spawn 2 of him and they are way to tall. To Fix this just disable one of them. Then go into the console and chose the other one and type setscale 0.7. That it the only bug I have found so far.

Jane The Killer: Jane the killer's story says that she has a short black dress and a knife she got from her house. The Short dress is part of a mod that adds short dresses to skyrim which I Will Provide a link to in the credits. The Story said that she had a kitchen knife but I couldn't use a kitchen knife because it was too underpowered so this mod also comes with a knew knife called Jane's knife which does a lot of damage. For Some Reason it won't let me automatically give her the dress in the creation kit so you need to add it in the console. Sadly the creation kit wouldn't let me change her lip color so she will have to have normal lips if you know how to fix this can you tell me so I can. Jan's story can be found here:
I got a bug so she will only have 1 dialogue option. But I think that is only because I had Amazing Follower Tweaks so it shouldn't happen for you.

Don't forget to endorse this mod if you enjoyed it.
I Just found out a way to add images so I have some images for Toby up now. I Have Just finished my Whiterun version so the people in the DB won't be left out. I am trying to work on slenderman and I need to find a tentacle model like hermaeus mora's but I can't get them if anyone knows how to get a tentacle model for slenderman Then please post it in the Posts.
Sorry for the long time with no updates I am working on probably the hardest creepypasta of them all.
I Just finished getting the fix for Toby's goggles and mask glitch so now Toby should spawn with his goggles and mask now. Also I sadly might not be able to make any updates for a while because my computer is broken but when it gets fixed I will continue making this mod.
This is my first mod so please don't hate I am very new to making mods.