Windmill Sails Mipmap fix by Gruftlord
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Added: 24/01/2014 - 05:31PM
Updated: 19/04/2014 - 04:58PM

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Last updated at 16:58, 19 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 17:31, 24 Jan 2014

No need to download this mod. It was just a test for the author of Skymills and quite frankly it is not very good. Skymills/Sjoert and Brumbek from SMIM provide a real 3d solution. This mipmap fix mod may only be usefull if your PC can not handle SMIM.

the windmill blades which are visible for longer distances now thanks to Skymills have a rather odd mipmap behaviour. it seems the compression algorythm used to generate these wasn't that good.

the vanilla HD file holds 10 mipmap levels, up to level 4 is used by the game engine from what i could test.
at level 3 the lamellae of the blades are barelly resolved, the pattern becomes a "one pixel row lamella, one pixel row empty/alpha". the next mipmaplevel then can't any more be propperly compressed.

i have generated two alternative files to alleviate the problem:

both have been made using gimp and gimp dds plugin.
version one is the vanilla file with mipmap levels 4-10 simply stripped from the texture.
the furthest texture that will be displayed no always is level 3, that is still resolved somewhat propperly.

oddy enough, the original texture fills the empty space with black filling. this doesn't look too good imho.
the second file i made is a dxt5 file with a better alpha gradient. no black parts between the lamellae are visible. this changes the look of the blade somewhat as early as mipmap level 1.
i think this makes the blades look much better up till level 3. at level 4 the lamellae are replaced with a semi transparent texture.
currently i'm still not quite satisfied with the transparence, so additional versions may be uploaded during the weekend.