Sleeved Imperials by Fourkillmaster
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Added: 24/01/2014 - 09:40AM
Updated: 25/07/2014 - 01:43AM

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Last updated at 1:43, 25 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 9:40, 24 Jan 2014

Sleeved Imperials

This mod replaces the existing imperial meshes with a sleeved version. Imperials complain about it being cold when they have a nice breeze between there knees. So I gave em some sleeves and pants to keep em warm in this harsh environment. Also included are imperial gauntlets with gloves as-well. Female variants added along with pants update! If you play as an Argonian or Khajitt you will be wearing gloves now!

Bugs- None that I know of tbh any minor clipping or legs showing through pants in the screenshots has been fixed. Should probably update them but hey you all can do the hard-work for me. Any screens would be appreciated!

Compatibility: Any mod which alters imperial meshes armor meshes will be overwritten, working on getting patches up. Any re-texture mod for imperial trooper should work. Hint hint cabals gonna put me outta the texture business
Although if you want your soldiers to have a nice dark shimmer like Oblivion I have just the mod for you down below.

Patch for Prometheus Imperial Winter Heavy Armor
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