Skyrim Insane Difficulty by Pocoloon-Bulljump
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Added: 31/12/2011 - 10:39PM
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Skyrim Insane Difficulty

This mod provides plug-ins to greatly increase the difficulty of Skyrim.
The download contains 4 versions.


Difficult Skyrim: For a greater challenge.
-stamina and magicka regen in combat reduced 40%
-health increase per level decreased 40%
-max armor damage reduction decreased 40%

More Difficult Skyrim: Simply unfair!
-stamina and magicka regen in combat reduced 50%
-health increase per level decreased 50%
-max armor damage reduction decreased 50%

Obscenely Difficult Skyrim: Like real life!
-stamina and magicka regen in combat reduced 60%
-health increase per level decreased 60%
-max armor damage reduction decreased 60%

Skyrim Insane Mode: Have fun getting one-hitted by wolves and mudcrabs!
-stamina and magicka regen in combat reduced ~90%
-picking locks should be much harder
-health increase per level decreased 90%
-max armor damage reduction decreased 75%