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Like this one? Check out my most recent modification. Ads a Basement to every house in the game, Eventually even Hillside.


My Mods:

Breezehome Basement - Adds a Basement to Breezehome with tons of toys.*Beta*
Hillside Home - Adds a completely new home to the game in the Wilderness.*Beta*
Breezehome Bookshelves - Adds two new Bookshelves to Breezehome/Riftrun.*Beta*
The Maze: Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 of the Giant Maze.*Alpha*
Riftrun - Total Breezehome conversion. Changes walls/everything. *Alpha*
Honeyside Smithy - Adds Smithing Room to Honeyside. *Beta*
Breezehome CE - Adds Collector's Edition to Breezehome. *Complete*
Honeyside CE - Adds Collector's Edition to Honeyside. *Complete*
Book of Treasures - Two new Treasure maps *Alpha*

Mod Description:

Updating to 0.2? Read below Description.

This mod adds a new Home to Skyrim, Hillside. Finding it is the challenge, depending on how much exploring you have done it could be fairly difficult or easy. The first note is in Breezehome, on the Table, read that and go from there. If you tried this and failed, or just hate quests read the bottom of this and you will find the location.

The quest is an adventure type, like the ones you find in dungeons, there is no UI help, just your brain and reading skills.. I made it fairly easy, and I realize adding a quest will turn people away but I try to make my mods legit, you getting this house free could break the game for a ton of people.. Either case, look below for the houses location to get it free.

FYI. Breezehome needs full decoration for the Quest part to work. Companions will follow you in to Hillside but that is about it.. you might be able to get your wife/husband to work etc, huge maybe though.

-----0.3 Update Procedure-----

If you currently have items inside Hillside then you need to take these measures to update.

Updating from Hillside 0.2 to 0.3:
REMOVE Everything from hillside, put it on your character, leave the house, save, then quit and begin updating, make sure the old ESP is OFF and to be safe delete it. Install BOTH the Hillside.ESM and the Hillside0_3.ESP.

Changing to .ESM should make it so you don't have to take any of these measures again when updating.

If you forgot to read this don't panic, just turn off 0.3 and turn on the last version you had on, re-enter the game on an old version and do the steps above to properly update.


- Make Hillside a .esm
- Work the .esm in with the .esp
- Fixed Travel marker (temp froki’s shack)
- Added 3 new mannequins
- Added 8 shield plaques
- Added 2 shield/wpn plaques
- Added 2 weapon plaques
- Fixed Bookshelfs not showing
- Exterior remodeling
- House looks different
- House aligned properly, ground to match
- Stables added
- Garden added outside in the back
- More trees etc
- Chopping Block added
- Shrines don’t float anymore
- Extended downstairs display room
- Moved Mini-Mannequins to Smithing area


SPOILER: You will find the house right below Froki's Shack. SE of the Rift Imperial Camp.

Here is an image of the location. Another huge spoiler.
Map Image Location

For the super lazy, COC HILLSIDE in console takes you directly inside the house.