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Added: 18/01/2014 - 03:10PM
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While equipped the wearer gains low tier heavy armour and melee perks from the 1 handed and 2 handed trees if they don't have them.

Given to ranking members of the Companions. Once you've advanced high enough in the perks tree you can give it to a follower without impacting your character's perk tree or level progression. The helm can be enchanted or tempered while allowing the added perks to function.

How to get it:
The helm can be crafted at the forge with the steel smithing perk. In addition the player must be a member of the Companions to craft it to make it lore friendly.

Use NMM as usual. For manual install: extract the scripts folder and the esp file into skyrim data folder.

I've renamed the ESP file so it makes sense in light of my recent changes to make it lore friendly.

The script shouldn't conflict with other mods unless they drastically alter the vanilla skill trees.

v0.95 Fixed title
v0.8 Added companions faction check for crafting.
v0.7 The item can be forged and tempered.
v0.6 Fixed up fomod support
v0.5 Added new ability Executioner's vigor + 10 stamina regeneration.
v0.4 Fixed 1 handed and 2 handed perks so they use their matching pre-requisites.
v0.3 Perform checks to see if player has certain perks so as not to remove them when unequipped.
v0.2 Added new properties.

Future plans:
Item set bonuses

Credits and thanks:
Skyrim Nexus
Sky UI team
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