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Have you ever thought it was unfair that you had to play as either a Vampire Lord or a Werewolf, but you couldn't be both at the same time? Well Molag Bal and Hircine are in for a big surprise, because it seems the Dragonborn's blood is strong enough to handle it. Or in other words, installing this mod will make it possible. ;)

What This Mod Does

This mod allows you to keep the beast blood you received during the Companions quest line as well as the gift of the Vampire Lord you received from either Lord Harkon or Serana. If you've already completed both the Companions quest line and the Dawnguard quest line and have already been cured of the one or the other, you can return to either Aela to be re-gifted with Lycanthropy or to Serana to be re-gifted with Sanguinare Vampiris without being cured of the other.

What This Mod Does NOT Do

This mod doesn't create any new races or abilities or change how you become a vampire or werewolf in any way. You still need to go through the regular quest lines to become both.


Requires Dawnguard!

Version 1.0 runs together with Better Vampires 6.5 by Brehanin and the Werewolf Mastery 3.0 / Moonlight Tales 2.05 compatibility version by RolandSir / spwned.

There is a known issue with version 1.0 that occurs if you become a werewolf through the Companions quest AFTER becoming a vampire. If you cure yourself of vampirism and then transform into a werewolf, your race will revert to the vampire race as soon as you revert back from your werewolf form.

Version 1.1 fixes the aforementioned issue. There is a "normal" version available and a compatibility version that is compatible with Brehanin's Better Vampires version 6.6. Please install either the one or the other, but not both. Don't install the compatibility version if you don't have Better Vampires 6.6! (Really sad I even have to mention this).

This mod modifies the following six scripts, so it's likely any mods that also modify these scripts will not be compatible:

  • C03RampageQuest
  • CompanionsHousekeepingScript
  • DLC1_TIF_0100F898
  • DLC1LycanthropyRegiftQuestScript
  • DLC1VampireTurnScript
  • PlayerVampireQuestScript

For anyone using UFO: UFO also changes the CompanionsHousekeepingScript. I haven't been able to reach fLokii (creator of UFO) so I can't supply a compatibility version, but I have been using both my mod and UFO together and have had no issues. BUT: If you do decide to use these two mods together, there can be NO guarantees that everything will work properly!

I've included the source of the scripts in the bsa, so anyone interested in seeing what's been changed is welcome to extract them.


I suggest installing this mod with NMM or MO. If you don't have NMM or MO and don't wish to install them, you can extract the enclosed .esp and .bsa files into your Skyrim/Data folder. I would advise to put the .esp file quite low in your mod list load order. Requires Dawnguard! The compatibility version also requires Better Vampires 6.6.


Since this mod changes scripts, it's probably wise to use a clean save procedure to uninstall it:

1) Create a new save of your game (not a quick save) and exit the game.
2) Uninstall the mod by either using NMM (if you installed it with NMM) or by simply removing the .esp and .bsa files from your Skyrim/Data folder.
3) Load your save (ignore the warning about missing content).
4) Wait for 24 to 48 in-game hours to allow any running scripts to end.
5) Create another new save (not a quick save) and exit the game again.
6) Load the last save. It should now be safe to play.


If you've installed the Vampire Lord / Werewolf Hybrid mod at the same time as Better Vampires and/or Moonlight Tales, it's possible the game may crash when when you first load. If this happens, try the following:

1) Exit the game without saving.
2) Deactivate my mod by unchecking the VLW_Hybrid.esp in your load list.
3) Load the game again and give the system time to properly register the Better Vampires and Moonlight Tales MCM menus.
4) Save the game and exit.
5) Activate this mod again by checking the VLW_Hybrid.esp in your load list.
6) You should now be able to load your save game and play without any further problems.

Since this is my first mod, I'd appreciate your constructive feedback if you have any difficulties, and please feel free to endorse the mod if you enjoyed it.


Some users might be challenged by the concept of a Vampire Lord / Werewolf Hybrid. I apologize profoundly to any Sons and Daughters of Coldharbour or Friends of the Eternal Hunt if I've offended your sensibilities.

Version 1.1
Modified PlayerVampireQuestScript so the Companions Quest knows the player has been cured of vampirism. the player would otherwise regain the vampire race when reverting back from the werewolf form.