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Those who are updating from 1.2 to 1.3 and using an existing save game with Riverside Shack will need to open the MCM once, close it, and then re-open it for new menus to show. You may also want to make a few random changes to things like bed covers to make sure things are working correctly. This version will work best on clean saves.

Riverside Shack is a mod which aims to bring you a customisable player home with a number of great features. In Eastmarch you will find an old home being guarded by a Sabre Cat, which you will need to kill. Once you have killed the Sabre Cat and looted the home, you will be able to re-build the old shack and turn it into a unique place for your character to relax and store his or her treasures.

This mod will allow the player to change many aspects of the home to suite their own tastes. You can pick the colour of your bed, curtains, rugs and more. Along with these customisation choices, you will find the home offers a range of features like fishing, changing your basic appearance and more.

The building process will have a similar system to Hearthfire but without the three or more benches to craft a simple set of items. This mod will make use of the Hearthfire materials like nails, hinges and other such items. I have added a merchant to Ivarstead too who can sell you some items to help build your new home.

> Customise certain aspects of your home
> Build your home using Hearthfire materials
> Special storage for unique items from Skyrim (Weapons, Masks, Claws)
> Change your basic appearance
> Fishing
> Most player home essentials (Crafting furniture, Bed, Cooking Pot)
> Rain Block (Climates of Tamriel Support)

This mod requires all three DLCs for Skyrim and an up to date version of the game. Skyrim is now over two years old and most people are now expected to own the DLC for most mods. It's no longer worth the time and effort of making multiple versions for a select few. Please do not post comments moaning about this and trying to argue as I'm not interested and you will not change my mind on the subject. Sorry if this is an issue for anyone, but my decision is final.

Version 1.2 and later will require you to have the MCM setup which comes with SkyUI. You can now set your game up to use MCM without the SkyUI Interface if you prefer the vanilla menu system.

Any mod which makes changes to the RiversideShackExterior01 cell may conflict with this mod so please keep this in mind before commenting on problems. As for the merchant in Ivarstead; you may have clipping issues with mods which overhaul towns, however you can use the "markfordelete" console command to remove any trees or bushes clipping with the market stall.

This mod has been optimised as much as possible to prevent too much drop in performance, however some low spec machines may experience lag in some areas of the home. None of my BETA tester have had any major issues with performance and my own machine seems to run the the majority of the mod without incident. If you find that for whatever reason this mod does hit performance or causes any major problems, simply un-install the mod.

This mod went through extensive bug checking throughout its development and all of my BETA testers came back with no more than three issues which should all have been fixed. There is always the chance that there are a few bugs which have gone unseen so please let me know if you have any issues.

This mod has been cleaned with TES5EDIT to the best of my ability but I am no expert with the program. There should be no major problems with the mod and hopefully no dirty edits and such.

Those wanting to post bugs or error reports longer than a paragraph or two should use my website to get in touch via email.

Those not using the mod Climates of Tamriel can go ahead and just download using the Nexus Mod Manager without issues. Those who do use Climates of Tamriel will need to replace the esp in your Skyrim Data folder with the COT esp after installing the main file.

If you wish to install manually, I recommend you use the BSA version of the mod as it's easier to remove the mod after should you no longer want to use it for whatever reason.

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