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What is Golem_Heart you may ask...what you didn't? Well to bad I'm telling anyway.
Golem_Heart is to fill a void I felt in the world of skyrim, golems in true not very lore friend unless your a dwemer but they all dead.

(update 0.4 adds 1 new golems and fixed the folder problem, the golem is the broken stone golem, this one not craftable but the wild ones drops the spell for it. There are only two wild ones so beware it is rare)

The large golems are all removed for the time being, so please wait while I working on the next update.

Golems are made man creatures made from well mostly anything, could be from simple stone to ice to even flesh and bone. But saddly not in skyrim so well I took it upon myself to make this mod, So everyone can see these beasts in action and maybe make a few of there own.

Does have: 4 golems types stone, ice, bone, flesh. These golems will be made with different stats and strengths.

Will have: Be able to upgrade spell tomes to the next tier of golems, stronger faster and better in all ways. Maybe iron golems and maybe a dwemer one later on.

LOOKING FOR HELP! I'm mostly a beginner modmaker, I not a pro or anywhere between there. I don't know scripting or even how to make meshes yet, I will need help in these fields for sure.
My grammer sucks so forgive me there, I need help and asking for it as I want this mod to be great.

Dogtown1 for model the flesh golem.
Vicn for few models
Gendundrup for one model
Ruiuji for the video!