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Claymore Gear: Arms and Armor for CBBE
By BlaqK Horizon (AKA Dahkar on the Nexus)
So what is this mod and what does it do. " Claymore Gear" is the Sibling mod to my "Claymore equipment" for Oblivion (
This mod is to add armor and weapons based on those used by the Claymore warriors form Yagi Norihiro's manga "Claymore" to the world of skyrim.

My main goal is to create a set of gear that meshes well with skyrim and while still staying true to the source material they're based on. I want both of fans of claymore, and those who have never heard of it to both be able to enjoy this mod.

So what do I mean by that. To begin with my "Claymore" great swords will be the same size as other greatswords in the game. I know the swords are larger in the manga, so don't ask for extermly long meshes. For the metal parts of the armor I've added a little bit of nord flare, somthing similar to whats seen on the vanila steel armor.
Q: will "Claymore Gear" armor portion require a body replacer?
A: This Armor was made for CBBE, but will work with the vanilla and unp based bodies.

Q: Does this mod support CBBE body Slider?
A: Yes indeed, just avoid the extrems as the armor won't look as good.
If you don't know what Caliente's bodyslide is check it out, it pretty cool

Q: Where can I find the Armor and weapons, and how strong will they be?
A: The armor and weapons will both be able to be made at the forge. There are two different tiers of strength. The lower tier armor with have stats similar to hide armor while the lower tier sword will be similar to stats of the iron great sword.
The upper tier weapons and armor will require the advance armor smithing perk and the stats are between scale and glass armor and between orcish and ebony great sword ( these stats are not set in stone, my goal is to make these items useful be not over powered, that's what daedric and dragon bone items are for).

Q: Is this armor be heavy or light.
A: It's light armor

Q: Can you make the armor of my favorite character from the series.
A: Nope. There are dozen of character in the series, most of which have the same very similar armor with the main characters having a little more unique aspects. So no, I will not be taking request.

Q: will this mod clash with other mods
A: it shouldn't as it only adds new and unique items to blacksmith forge. Maybe a mod the overhauls smithing could, but I don't see how. If for some reason it clashes with another mod try adjusting your load order.

Q: will you support UNP body
A: will we see.

Q: your name is Dahkar, but mod says Blaqk Horizon's?
A: Dahkar is an old name username I used to go by, and If I could change it I would. I been using Blaqk Horizon as my preferred name for many years now.

Q: Can I upload the mod to other sites
A: NO.

Q: will you be uploading to steam workshop
A: I have no plans at the moment, maybe one day
Q. will you be adding any short quest to go along with this mod
A: No I will not be.

Q: can I make a quest mod using your armor. I really want to hunt down some yoma and Stuff
A: WIth the full version now out I would be open to the Idea, But you we need to contact me and explain mod your idea.

Drop .esp file, texture folder and mesh folder in to skyrims data folder, then activate .esp
items can be crafted at ay black smith.
or you can use the NMM
remove of items added by mod from inventory, then save. Leave game, open up skyrim data folder delete the following "Blaqk_Horizon" folders located in( early version may only have 2 of 4 folders.)
and of course delete the .esp name "Blaqk_Horizon's_Claymore_Gear.esp"

If you installed with NMM, just uninstall with the NMM


There armor portion of the mod uses meshes for Caliente's well made CBBE body replacer

Bodyslide was create by Caliente

Weapon and armor designs in this mod are visually based off of Yagi Norihiro's manga "Claymore"

Bethesda Softworks for thier wonderful Game