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Description and installation
4K Parallax Textures for Skyrim + Meshes to activate the parallax effect.
Short version: Download everything and put it into 1 big data file. skyrim\data\ and overwrite.
Long Version:
A mesh is a 3d model and data file of an object and it determines what textures an object uses. Skyrim basic ground doesn't have a mesh or 3d model and the engine does not allow parallax there. Some ground is a 3d model though.
That's why there is not always a file in my pack for some stuff.
Therefore you need my meshes to activate the parallax effect for the respective places.
Those Meshes are compatible to every other Parallax mod, as they all have the same entries to activate Parallax.
Textures in Skyrim are like that     just the texture, often called diffuse texture(some with an alpha map) it's normal map for depth(and a specular map in the alpha map)
xyz_p,dds the parallax map for even more depth
I create 4k textures, and if there are additional files in my data, those are the parallax maps the meshes use for improved graphics. Of course they need to be compatible to the diffuse texture.

Smim, if you don't have it, some stuff might not get its texture correctly.

If you don't have enough Vram/Old graphic card
Check your frames before and after in the affected area
ENB: Check your enblocal.ini. There is a tool to check your vram usage and a change here could improve your stuttering. Google some, it's about those values:
1.Change the normal maps from uncompressed to compressed:20mb to 5mb
If that doesn't help
2.Change the diffuse texture from 4096 to 2048: 20 to 5mb or 10 to 2,5mb

Always backup your files and sorry for the amount of files. 4k takes a lot of space and I do too much updates to upload 1gb twice week with a slow internet connection.

ENB: You need to have set FixParallaxBugs=true in enblocal.ini.
Compatible with PPR or True Parallax Project. Install my meshes AFTER PPR as they have a lot more Parallax activated and for data\meshes\dungeons\riften you can use True Project Parallax meshes if you don't like that 1 pillar I fucked up ^^.
Should be compatible with Realistic Water two and it's wet rocks.

Mods that use their own meshes with changed attributes, for example some lightning mods like ELFX should not be compatible with my meshes, as they use the same. Install those after my stuff, some things might still work.

FAQ/ Problem Section
Got any missing texture? Reinstall the appropriate smim part.

Day. Month. Year
02.07 Thievesguild meshes update
25.06 Farmhouse meshes update

Texture Optimizer: Tips
Some of you might want to use these textures, but your Pc is shit like mine.
So you use Texture Optimizer to reduce the Vram usage by changing the stuff to 2K.
Sadly most start it the wrong way, let me give some hints:
1.Don't start by changing the 4K Diffuse ! texture to 2K   for example:
2. Start by changing the uncompressed normal ! map texture for example:
from 2K uncompressed to 2K compressed. ( to DXT5)
This will give you more performance than changing the diffuse ! texture from 4K to 2K and a better visual experience in my opinion.
If you still have Vram issues after this, THEN decrease the diffuse from 4K to 2K.