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Last updated at 17:16, 21 Oct 2014 Uploaded at 2:29, 5 Jan 2014

True HDR tonemapping
Clear color
Custum ini by vanilla weather

1. Download latest version ENB files and copy the "d3d9.dll" and "enbhost.exe" to your skyrim folder.

2. Download "enbhelper" and copy to your enbseries folder.

3. Copy the this ENB file to your Skyrim folder.

4. Editing SkyrimPrefs.ini

5. Editing enblocal.ini
ReservedMemorySizeMb=64 ... (256,512,1024)
For video cards with 2GB or more VRAM, 512 is a good baseline. For less VRAM, 256 can work better.
VideoMemorySizeMb=0 ... change to your VRAM size. (512,1024,2048...)
This setting should be set according to the available VRAM.

6. Disable "Anti-Aliasing" and "Anisotropic filtering" in the SkyrimLauncher options.

7. Enable "TK ENB Extended.esp".

7. Enjoy.

My favorite MODs (This is my blog page)

This ENB is not compatible with CoT and RLO!
I only support ELFX(without enhancer) and Relighting Skyrim.

In Rainy day, Foggy day, Snowy day, river edge and water looks very bright. Sorry, I could not fix this problem.
This ENB is working progress. Some weather and DLC maps is not finished yet. Sorry!

This ENB is for personal/private use only. Please do not steal my work. You are not allowed to upload this file to other sites under any circumstances. You are not allowed to convert this file to work on other games under any circumstances. You must get permission from me before you are allowed to modify my files to improve it. You must get permission from me before you are allowed to use any of the assets in this file.

2014.1.5 v.243 released.
2014.1.6 v.244 released. Corresponds v0.244, and add quality and performance option.
2014.1.7 v.244.2 released. Change the default VIGENETTE(round VIGENETTE). changed the color of the sun during the day. Change the DOFeffect(Skyrim Visual Immersion by Matso). Adjust the overall brightness.
2014.1.11 v.245 released. Corresponds v0.245. Add SweetFX(More sharpen grass etc...), Glow of the fire was increased.
2014.1.21 v.0246 released Corresponds v0.246 Added new effect "procedural sun"(Before , After). The brightness of the night has increased. Saturation has increased just a little.
2014.2.3 v.0250 released. Corresponds v0250. Added new effect Mist. Change DOF by MATSO. Added effect.txt by ZeroKing instead of SweetFX. Special thanks all credit modder!
2014.2.21 v.0251 released. Added Realistic Edition for Climates of Tamriel.
2014.2.22 v.0251.2 released. Added HDR tonemapping for also Fantasic Edition. Separated Day and Night Brightness interior for Fantasic Edition. Removed Vignette option. Sorry,round Vignette is my taste. Don't overwrite old enbeffect.fx.
2014.4.21 v.0252 Realistic Edition released. Rebuilt with a new enbeffect.fx. Very thanks for JawZ. Added lens effect by MATSO(Default is off). Very thanks for MATSO and Creator of Lens Texture.
2014.4.25 v.0252 Fantastic Edition released Rebuilt with new enbeffect.fx.
2014.5.24 v0254 Extended Edition released.

ENB ... Boris Vorontsov (
enbeffect.fx ... Matso (Skyrim Visual Immersion Series ENB Resource)
enbbloom.fx ... JawZ, Kyokushinoyama (The ENB Beginner preset)
enbeffectprepass.fx ... Matso (Skyrim Visual Immersion Series ENB Resource)
effect.txt ... Andrej Dudenhefner, Christian Jensen, ZeroKing (Post-Process Effects Addon for ENB)
enbsunsprite.fx ... Kyokushinoyama (K ENB Extensive)
enbsunsprite.tga ... Matso (Skyrim Visual Immersion Series ENB Resource)
TK ENB Extended.esp ... This esp file is "NLA.esp". Thanks for Confidence-Man give me permission to distribute. (Natural Lighting and Atmospherics for ENB)
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I am Japanese. I am not good at English. I apologize if there are any mistakes in my English.Sorry!