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Added: 05/01/2014 - 02:29AM
Updated: 25/04/2015 - 04:16AM

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Last updated at 4:16, 25 Apr 2015 Uploaded at 2:29, 5 Jan 2014

Download latest version ENB files and copy the "d3d9.dll" and "enbhost.exe" to your skyrim folder.

Copy the this ENB file to your Skyrim folder.

Please edit SkyrimPrefs.ini

Disable "Anti-Aliasing" and "Anisotropic filtering" in the SkyrimLauncher options.

Enable "TK_ENB_v0265a.esp".

Enjoy. This ENB is not compatible with CoT and RLO! I only support ELFX(without enhancer) and Relighting Skyrim.

What is TK ENB vXXX.esp?
This plugin is based on NLA.esp.
Simply speaking, this esp is weather plugin.
I modified vanilla weathers for this ENB.
This esp is important and necessary.
Please enable this esp.
You don't need to install MODs to remove FOG.
I also modified FOG.

I am using other author's assets.
You should not reuse this ENB without me and these authors permission.

Do not upload to Steam Workshop.
Do not change the money.

Please respect these authors and works! Thanks for great work!
ENB ... Boris Vorontsov (

Since v0265a, I am using FX files from prod80_(Serenity ENB _ ExtendedFX)
Big thanks prod80_. His original FX files are great. Please check his works and try his ENB.
I have permission to distribute.

enbeffectprepass.fx ... kingeric1992 (From ENB forum)
I think this DOF has beautiful Bokeh.

TK ENB vXXX.esp ... This plugin is based on NLA.esp. I have permission to distribute.
NLA.esp is made by Confidence-Man (Natural Lighting and Atmospherics for ENB)
Please also try NLA ENB! I really like and respect NLA ENB. His work is amazing.
I think NLA is most beautiful ENB.

I am Japanese. I am not good at English.
I apologize if there are any mistakes in my English.

TK ENB Author ... tamu75 My blog (Language is Japanese)