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--- Maintenance ---
Source code - Github
mb2 support list of vanilla object

Creative Commons.

Automatically take materials from portable container when use crafting furnitures
Automatically stash to portable container when player pick up any gatherable vegetation or any item of list.
support for weight calculation.

--- how to use ---
1. set all on in basic1 page.
2. set all on in basic2 page.
3. cast power "mb2: put in"
4. cast power "mb2:open container". your craft material moved to mb2 container.
5. please use craft furniture. works automatically.

** If MCM didn't change Settings, Please save and load before open mcm menu.

--- example of Userlist (from my auto harvest mod) ---
set up the "u" key for USER List register, when the "U" key is pressed and held, THEN you can click on an item to add it to the register. This is best done by adding that item to a barrel or another container (bodies are considered containers by the game when they are dead). You can add Linen Wraps by placing them in a container, opening that container and BEFORE clicking on the Wrap, Hold down the register key (in this case U) and left clicking on the Wrap. The Linen Wrap will be added to your inventory and will also be added to the "Userlist". You will get a notification in game that an item was added to the register. You can now go to the "Userlist" section in your MCM menu and view the new item (in this case the Linen wrap).