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Presenting my Dynasty armor mashup in Dark Crimson and White. It combines a number of mods together (full credit to the authors below) to create an incredibly skimpy, sexy set of armor. All the meshes and textures are the work of others, I used the creation kit and nifskope to blend it all together.

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This can be crafted under steel or use the console and type 'help dynasty'. There are separate curiass's, one with the stocking and one without.


-For the BBP file a BBP skeleton is required like XPS's. The regular version of the file does not require a BBP skeleton.


Note 1 - The helmet crown is invisible, you get the armor for it but not the look by equipping it. This is by design.
Note 2 - Heavy and light versions of both colors, weight slider supported.


V2.1 - Minor update
-Shield mesh corrected

V2 - Major update:
-Now the Dark Crimson and White sets have been combined into one esp. So there is just a BBP and regular version.
-Light armors corrected.
-Chainmail removed.
-White and black neck choker added.
-All versions can be crafted correctly under Steel.
-All versions can be enchanted correctly.
-Cleaned up file structure.

V1 - Initial release:
- Includes Dark Crimson and White sets. CBBE regular and CBBE BBP. There is a slight clipping issue between the stocking versions and the top of the thigh armor. Will work on that.


Dynasty armor:

Various sources, so big thanks to codecrackerx9, drakishar, cchoay, Simomax, haldir307

Stockings: Casual bikini shoes gloves stockings for UNP UNPB BBP CBBE ADEC by newmiller

G-String: Lingerie Set -CBBE 3_2 By Nausicaa

Choker: Sweet and Sexy Lingerie shop CBBE by Nikitaa

If I forgot anyone, it was unintentional. Please let me know via PM and I will credit asap.


Before using any asset from this mod, please request permission from myself and the original mesh and texture authors.