Septimus Cashious Mod by Doughnut 747
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Added: 31/12/2013 - 10:14AM
Updated: 04/01/2014 - 04:48AM

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Last updated at 4:48, 4 Jan 2014 Uploaded at 10:14, 31 Dec 2013

I need to finish the navemesh on the outside of the shop.

The Lore is included in the download. The Lore for Septimus is done but the fence doesn't have one yet. I will put them up on this page when I am completely done with them.

Change Log:
- Face discoloration update has been released
- Cleaned the mod
- Chandeliers made smaller
- Made 2 pillars instead of 1 and evenly spaced them
- Changed the counter to fit the new room better
- Added some Dwemer influence on the room in the form of statics
- Added some Dwemer influence on the room in the form of clutter
- Added a small dinning table
- Added 2 big shelves with Dwemer things on them right when you walk in on the left and right
- Added a sleeping centurion in a cage
- Interior Navmesh done. Still need to do exterior
- Lots of stuff

- Thanks to, PhoenixSky, ApokKnight, Farttool, and Elianora!

- Fixed face discoloration
- Shrank the shop size
- Added in a rich fence "Jaree-Tulm Taiermuseeth" has about 21k
- Added a bit more clutter
- Fixed navmesh
- Edited Septimus' total cash

- Fixed the stairs not lining up
- Found different rocks to blend the entrance into the mountain
- Fixed the entrance door being sunk into the ground
- Removed Ysgramor Statue
- Removed a practice dummy to make room for clutter
- Removed Dwemer Centurion Bust
- Took wood from the firepit
- Made Septimus the owner of some clutter items
- Added rubble around the forge. Might keep it.
- Added more clutter around the shop
- Septimus Gold Lowered to 25k. NPC's break if they hit 30k.

Alpha1.0 Release - 12/31/13