Teyahven- Standalone Rabbit Follower by BluePianoTwo and KANRAx2
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Meet Teyahven, a standalone rabbit follower. His name means Tale-Hunter-Wind in the dragon tongue, because why not? He doesn't fight (he is a rabbit after all), and is sometimes a bit slow, but he will gladly distract your enemies and is always cheery company to have around.

Video by Brodual. Teyahven starts at 3:20.

He comes with a variety of mesh and texture options, which can be installed easily via the scripted NMM installer. These options are standalone, meaning they will affect Teyahven only, giving him a unique look from other rabbits in your game. If you want other rabbits to use these meshes/textures, go here.

Teyahven is dedicated to my rabbit √Čtoile, may he rest in peace. The main file comes as a black lop ear in his honor, but this can be changed with the options pack.

Q: Are there any requirements?
A: Nope. Everything is included.

Q: Where can I find him?
Go to the bridge leading out of Riverwood. Do not cross the bridge, but walk along the bank of the river away from town. He is located near a fallen log and some stones. He will also return to this location if dismissed.

Q: He won't speak to me.
A: Speak to him, save, and reload. This is a vanilla bug introduced by Bethesda. There's nothing I can do about it. Sorry.

Q: Compatibility?
A: Everything! He is standalone, so other rabbit textures won't affect him. He also works fine with multiple follower mods.

All credits go to the amazing KANRAx2, who kindly let me use her rabbit meshes and textures for this mod.