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 I decided to work on the mod again, I decided this will be my new years thing and I will make this mod great. I know I could of done better and I decided to do it.

I'm scraping the airship in riverwood I removing it, having lots of trouble with it.

Alpha0.3.5 IS HERE! with airship and new pictures!

A lightning rod was added behind a house, used a new mesh for it's base.

Dwemer lights added to the streets, these made with darker night type mods in mind.

SteamPunked is my mod series where I'm turning the little towns, forts and etc into a steampunk version, so pipes gears and few other things to make it feel right. First on the list is river wood, after I done with that will go looking around for next target.

Add smoke stacks for all the houses, the blacksmith is been changed a little as well. Add a water tower and gates to riverwood. (mean come on even wolfs could run into the town!).

Also added a few giant ideas outside the sleep giant inn, thought it be a bit interesting to have a few giant items outside the inn for it's name sake.

A smelter with a new mesh was added to the blacksmith area. ( thanks too Tueffels Misc Resources by Tueffel )

There a house outside of the town a npc lives there by the name Hon Dew, no voice acting as of yet or anything. Just a high elf voice right now, he has a pet troll as well not named. Behind the house is a hole you can go down into to get into a dwemer ruin, its a house in a colapsed dwemer city, the two books in there give you bit info about the place. (it's not a player home!)

Mods I suggest to make skyrim feel more steam punk: Airship - Dev Aveza by Deapri , Windhelm Industrialized by CouriersGambit , Dwemer Goggles and Scouter by volvaga0 , Aetherium Armor and Weapons Compilation by lautasantenni,Animated Dwarven head gear by mahty , Animated Dwarven back pack by mahty (that all for now!)

credits: Vicn Creature Resources by Vicn, I used a skin for a weak summon i hidden in riverwood.
Ingredients Drawer Resource by Blary used cause it felt right to me.
Tueffels Misc Resources by Tueffel, used some of these resources.

Windhelm Industrialized by CouriersGambit, For inspiring me to do this never thought i would do it till i saw his mod.

Ruiuji for making a video, this a good day for me.