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SC - Noble Dresses

Retexture of the Noble Wedding Dress by Urshi



How to get:

I didn't manage to add a merchant because of some issues, so you can find all dresses in the chest near Radiant Raiment in Solitude. You can also get them through console:
Open console by pressing "~" key and type:
help SC_ then hit Enter. You will see the ID codes of the items. To get them use the following console command:
player.additem [itemID] [quantity] without brackets.

Bugs and Incompatibilities:

-The white color of the dress sometimes gets very bright in certain lighting conditions or when used with super bright ENB mods.

- Sleeves in the first person do not hold on the different textures that I have assigned to them.

Installation and uninstallation instructions:

Manual installation:
- Extract archive into your Skyrim folder.
- Enable plugin in the launcher.

Manual uninstallation:
- Delete the folder named SC located in Textures
- Delete SC_NobleDresses.esp from Data folder.


This is mod is Skyrim Nexus Mods exclusive release.
I do NOT give permission for this mod to be uploaded to Steam or anywhere else without my consent.
The assets from this file may not be used, modified or reuploaded under any circumstances without my expressed permission. Under no circumstances is my absence from The Nexus can be interpreted as a permission to use the contents of this upload as resource material.

Thanks and Credits:

Thanks to Ashara aka SydneyB for her mod Romantic Outfit for CBBE - UNP - FavoredSoul
Thanks to Glosshouse team for their mod E55 Female Body Replacer
Thanks to KURESE aka NPR for the mod R18Pn 00 - Fiona Armor for UNP by NPR
Thanks to NifTools team for Nifskope
Thanks to Urshi for help and support (and providing of his plugin's description)
Thanks to Redtox, Caelrya, Mymajestymv, 83Willow, Kiparisova, rencux, AnnaMary, Elaneith, AmiableArcher, Gweneal
for screenshots and test
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
Thanks to everyone who have patiently waited for the release for such a long time.