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I don't REALLY know where to get the original mod, stop send PMs to me, please. I'm tired of explaining the situation to every person who PMs me. Google for the original mod, summon demons in this world, do whatever you want that can help you to find it.
Please, don't send me PMs with "I have a copy, I can upload it for you". If the file is hidden, there is the reason.
Use this one instead, if you need a dress SO MUCH.

Be aware, I won't be answering your messages anymore, so don't even try.



Retexture of the Noble Wedding Dress by Urshi



Standalone version of Urshi's Noble Wedding Dress


Known issues:

- The white color of the dress sometimes gets very bright in certain lighting conditions or when used with super bright ENB mods.
- Sleeves in the first person do not hold on the different textures that I have assigned to them.


How to get it in game:

I didn't manage to add a merchant because of some issues, so you can find all dresses in the chest near Radiant Raiment in Solitude. You can also get them through console:

- type in console "help SC_", you will get all needed IDs.
- type in console "player.additem XXX Y". XXX means necessary ID, Y means count of items you want.



- Choose between two versions of the mod.
- Extract archive into your Skyrim folder.
- Enable plugin in the launcher.



- Delete the folder named SC located in Textures
- Delete SC_NobleDresses.esp from Data folder.


Terms of use:

- Do with these textures whatever you want, I don't care anymore. BUT! you may have to seek permissions from the original authors first.



- Ashara aka SydneyB - Romantic Outfit for CBBE - UNP - FavoredSoul
- Glosshouse - E55 Female Body Replacer
- KURESE aka NPR - R18Pn 00 - Fiona Armor for UNP by NPR
- NifTools - Nifskope
- Thanks to Urshi for help and support
- Thanks to Redtox, Caelrya, Mymajestymv, 83Willow, Kiparisova, rencux, AnnaMary, Elaneith, AmiableArcher, Gweneal
for screenshots and test