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Added: 23/12/2013 - 04:02AM
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Last updated at 4:34, 23 Dec 2013 Uploaded at 4:02, 23 Dec 2013

After playing Skyrim for hours I was fed up with the Nirnroot sound. It's too prominent and keeps distracting me. The default sound is completely immersion-breaking for my tastes

So I decided to make a quick replacement mod.

Thanks to all you mod authors out there who share this stuff. I'm no good at modding but this is my thank you to the community.

this replaces 1 WAV file in skyrim. No scripts, no weirdness.


A BIG THANKS to these people who make YT channels about mods. Otherwise I would feel overwhelmed.

Gopher (nice and detailed, very relaxing)
Brodual (efficient, fast, to the point)
MMOxReview (funny as heck, and not afraid of boobs)
Frank Sirius (Wuppertal, jawoll, geil-o-mat)